Understanding Past Lives

Knowledge of our previous lives is stored in the depth of our subconscious mind.  This is helpful both because it always us to constantly experience the freshness of new life, but also to guard ourselves from the turmoil and pain we may have experience eons ago.  It is possible with time to glean fragments of memory from one or more of your past lives.  As a person further along their life path, they may awaken psychic gift and hone their intuition.  As these gifts blossom and are nurtured, so to can flashbacks to previous incarnations occur.

There are benefits to revisiting moments during previous lives.  A person can gain insight and use the knowledge of past experience to make more informed choices in this present life.  Typically, this is common for individuals consciously working on their spirituality and receptive to seeing both the positive and negative lessons they faced.

Only the seeker can gain access to their previous lives and vital information will be revealed to them at the most opportune moments.  A person’s past experiences is only impactful to them, and thus it is not beneficial for anyone to recall their previous lives to anyone else, as doing so make them appear to be a show-off.  Maintaining a sense of secrecy over past lives ensures no errors arise.  Even the most skilled psychic can relay erroneous messages causes their client to experience a warped view of their former self.

Past life obsession, although real is merely an illusion.  It distracts us for the importance of now.  Only in this present life can we be a beacon of light and hope to others.  Only in this moment can we grow spiritually and remain best connected to the Divine.  Although it can be interesting to glimpse, one’s true power resides in their current vessel.

If you still want to remember your past life it is important to remember you can’t force memories to appear in your conscious mind.  Instead focus on being the best servant to humanity and living creatures in the present day.  When you practice selfless care to other, you also improve your spiritual practices.  These practices help hone your psychic talents as well as your intuition.  One of these abilities is past life recognition.  At times this can boil down to common sense.  People inexplicably drawn to certain historic periods or places may have a strong past life connection there.  However, this is unreliable and only serve to remind you to prioritize your current life.

When you truly dedicate yourself to benevolent service to others, then karmic law states your next life will reward you with experiences to be in even greater service to others in your next lifetime.  This doesn’t ensure your next life will be “easy.”  It means you will gain an even bigger spiritual advancement on you soul’s quest for enlightenment.  By helping the greatest amount of beings in the most meaningful of ways is the truest path of spiritual evolution!