Laws to Help You Get Spiritually Strong

There are laws that you must follow in order to connect with the spiritual world and to be stronger. When you feel the power of the spiritual world on you, chances are that you will want to be stronger in these gifts.

You have morals and ethics and you care about others, but you also want to make sure that you care about yourself. There are people int eh world that are sociopaths and narcissists and you have to be careful and understand who these people are and where they have come from.

There are laws that make the power come and here are some of the ways to make sure your laws are following your heart:


People are the best when they are being honest. When someone is lying, they are spreading falseness to others. They are being deceptive.

Power has no reason to lie and to be deceiving to others. When you are doing these things, you are making a mistake and you need to be strong enough to admit that you were wrong.


People that make bad promises are those that are falling into bad mistakes. Do not promise things that you do not intend to do.

Keep integrity and this will help you to be strong and loved.


Learn to talk to people without yelling or raising your voice. Learn to control your tone. Being angry is weakness.

People that have strong spiritual powers do not cause others to get angry to hurt them. Be positive in your communication.


Treat others with respect. Treat their stuff with respect. Keep your boundaries and make sure that if you ask to use something that you give it back.

Learn to let people trust you and be kind.


Do not try to change others. Some people have weak souls and minds, and this is a flaw. Learn to try to be the best that you can be in all your journey.


Do not use drugs or drink alcohol. Doing this can cause you to lose your cognitive abilities. Learn to be happy in your sober.

Drinking a beer or a glass of wine is okay but do not drink enough to get drunk and be able to say no.


Learn to not gossip. If someone is gossiping, go away from them.

Talking bad about someone can cause you to hurt others. Learn to use positive things when you talk about others.

Being spiritually powerful means that you are your better self and you put negative things behind you.


Have better posture. Stand up straight and be strong in your body and mind. A spiritually strong person will use their body to master their life.

Eye Contact

Talk to others and look them in the eye. There is power in having eye contact.

If you want to connect with others, look them in the eye.


Itching is a nervous tick. Pay attention to what you are doing and how you are talking to others. If you get nervous, do not scratch. Practice mindfulness to keep this in control.


Be someone that is mindful about the way they talk. Use good vocabulary and talk about things you like and be positive.

Put things that are important as a priority.

Serve Others

Take care of other people. Help those that are in need. Never be selfish. Find ways to help others and to be compassionate. Be empathetic to feelings and make sure that you show unconditional love.

Care for You

You should help others, but you can do this best when you take care of yourself first. Do not put off sleep and eating good. Be healthy and do what makes you strong inside and out.


Go out and walk and move your body. Be healthy and exercise. This can give you power and develop your body.

Eat Healthy

Eat good foods. Stay away from deep fried foods and things that are not good for your body.


Take time each day to meditate and relax. Be consistent in this and invest in the spirit world.


Give money to places that are in need. Donate and help charities.


Give credit where credit is due. Let others feel good about themselves and what they have done.

Show others that you want them to have a good life and take care of others.

It is What it Is

Know that there is always going to be failing and struggle. Allow things to be that you cannot be in control of.


Let yourself be transparent to others. Do not hide your feelings. Do not hide the weaknesses and faults that you have.

Allow others to see that you make mistakes and do not try to hide things. Let your actions and intentions be strong and you can benefit from letting people see who you really are.