Ascending and Strengthen Your Intuitive Connection

Your intuition is a Divine gift that comes from your soul’s essence.  It always guides you towards the truth without any tangible basis.  Typically, people feel their intuition in their solar plexus chakra, which is located around the navel of your stomach.  This is way intuition is often referred to as a “gut feeling.”  Other people can sense their intuition in their heart chakra since intuition is a loving gift from the Universe.  Your intuition comes from the Universe by way of your higher self, spirit guides and angels.  These celestial beings are omnipresent in your life and are meant to help you navigate your earthly journey.  Ultimately, how you experience intuition is deeply personal and so you must take extra care to notice how it shows up in your life.

Noticing “Truth”

Another term for intuition is truth.  It can appear in your life in a variety of ways and felt by a person as something physical, and idea, or innate wisdom.  Often it arises within your solar plexus (gut feeling) or heart (sense of peace and love) chakras.  Pay attention what you were thinking about when this feeling occurred and how the feeling manifested.  Did you feel excited or at ease?  Does it feel comfortable or urging?  It’s natural for your intuition to speak to you via a chakra point like a fluttering sensation from your heart chakra.  You may also get a sudden influx of knowledge (claircognizance) that feels unquestionably right.  Even if there is not tangible basis to check this information, trust in the wisdom you have been shown.

Individuals with heighten clairsentience (clear feeling) will pick up when something is ‘off’ in your body.  Do you feel peaceful or agitated after talking with a person?  Does listen to a noise make you feel calm or revved up?  These are two examples of intuitive communication.  If your spirit is ascending it is import to be extra mindful of where, what and to whom you give your energy.  If something is making you feel poorly, do less of it.  It something is making you better, do more of it.  Ascension is tied to a spirit connecting more deeply to their heart and doing all they can to improve their situation and grow.

Ways to connect to your intuition daily

As you ascend it is import you let go of information and habits that feel wrong or no longer serve you.  This way you have more time and space to focus on what uplifts you.  Begin by becoming mindful of everything you consume each day.  This goes beyond food to what you listen, read, watch, and partake in.  Notice what drains your spirit or makes you feel poorly.  If you are partaking in something that feels off, ask yourself why you are doing it.  Perhaps this activity is not part of your truth.  Likewise, if something excites you or sparks a bit of passion, ask yourself if what you felt is tied to your truth.

The simplest way to understand what is meant for you is through how it feels to you.

You can connect to your heart or gut by visualizing your heart or solar plexus chakras.  This will give vital information of what you need to know.  Sit quietly and check in with your higher self, guides or angels if this is right or wrong for you.  Honor the feedback you receive.  It is important to realize that you might not get guidance immediately and that is ok.  You will receive feedback when you are most receptive to receiving it.  There are times when we try too hard, we inadvertently create blocks to receiving information.  Yet, when we are able to relax more fully, the backlog of spiritual data comes flooding in.  Typically, this happens when we are doing simple tasks like cleaning, bathing or more calming activities like walking or exercising.

You’ll notice the moments you are most prone to receiving messages and feel connected to your spiritual self.  Trust that your intuition is leading you in the right direction.  Consider writing down what you are receiving so you can refer to it again at a later date.  This will help build greater trust with your intuitive abilities as well as have a record of the action steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.


We are currently living a world of non-stop information transmission.  Unfortunately, all these stimuli can make us feel disconnected from our intuition and what it is trying to tell us.  As you ascend to greater planes of spiritual existence, you need to ensure a strong connection with your heart, gut, and spiritual gifts.  Use your intuition as a compass to help you find your truth.  Even when society fails to honor the importance of intuition, it is up to you to connect to your highest self and build bonds with celestial beings.  Even when your intuition doesn’t make rational sense, trust that it is omnipresent and always working to steer you towards what you need and what is in your best interest.