Romance In Your Life

There are many reasons to bring romance into your life and here are some reasons to do that:

Releasing the Past

When you learn to love others, you can change the way that you think on things and learn to change your feelings and emotions. You can stop thinking about your past and the outcomes that the past brought, and you can learn to move forward. When you feel that your energy is being released and your past is being forgiven, talk to your Archangel Raphael and he will help see you through.

This can also help you to heal your chakras and to move forward with your life.

Loving You

You have to learn to love who you are so that you can find love. You have to appreciate the talents that you have and know how good you are. Say positive things to yourself in the mirror and stop being so negative to yourself. Put negative words out of your vocabulary and change your words to positive things.

When you think you are not good enough, you cause others to think that about you as well. Learn to change your self-image and think more about yourself.

Positive Thoughts

If you have negative feelings and thoughts, it can be hard to have positive feelings. Bad relationships can cause you to have negative thoughts but when you learn to let these things go, you can change the way that you think.

Having loving relationships can change your negativity and give you good qualities. This can help you to sleep better and to be happier in your life.

Learn to expect good things and when you do, you will have positive people come into your life. Learn to recognize your power and let people that are good for you come to you and guide you.


Find people in your life that can raise your vibrations and help you to have positive thoughts and understandings. Learn to go to groups and events that have good people and connect with people that are like you.

Find people that have the same energies that you have and that can help you to be positive in your life. You can have a good relationship with people and be happier and more positive at the same time.


Take time each day to write down your messages and to be inspired by what is going on in your life. Record in your journal what you are feeling and what you are thinking, and you will be more aware of what is going on inside of you.

Let the messages that you have come together, and this can help you to understand your life and your relationships. Write down different words that you use that are loving and kind.

Love yourself and your spiritual being and know that you can get information from your guides whenever you want to by reach out to them.


These steps can help you to have loving and good relationships. Learn to be more positive and stop allowing yourself or others to abuse you or put you down. Break bad things down by meditating each day and by focusing on positive things in your life.

Be aware of changes around you and learn to have supportive relationships and learn to embrace love and understanding.