A Lightworkers Responsibility is to Illuminate

The word illuminate means to enlighten something or someone intellectually or spiritually. This is bringing light and knowledge to others. As you read, perhaps you will recognize, awaken, and embrace the lightworker that you are and can become. Lightworkers are carriers of light energy. Part of a lightworkers journey is to assist in shifting the consciousness of humanity while preparing others to align with the new energy of the Aquarian age. Many lightworkers are not certain of their status.

The lightworker’s purpose and intention is to open humanity’s awareness to fulfill the plan of the Divine. As you become aware of your lightworker calling, realize you are not meant to blend in with the status quo, but to transform it. You are here to assist the spirit in showing humanity how to discern between the true and false of the world. Your super powers are discernment, discovering true intentions, inner wisdom, and knowing the agendas of others. Learning the art of detachment can help you be a truth seeker and guide to many others. Many are distracted by the noise of life and led astray, but you are here to create unity and show them the truth. You can help them unlock their true potential.

Lightworkers often live difficult or painful lives. Through the struggles, compassion is born. Knowing your struggles have a higher purpose can help. Sharing your personal stories and your journey can bring hope to others. You possess the power and focus to bring this light into humanity. You were chosen long before your birth for your capacity to heal and hold life through your struggles. As a lightworker, you have been guided into this purpose. Earth has been shifting its vibration for a long time to align with the new frequency. The primary purpose for you as a being is to assist others in upgrading their vibrations as well.

Higher vibrations are able to hold the energies of hope, love, and compassion. Lower vibrations hold hate, fear, and ager. Chaos has grown from a lack of understanding the higher frequencies. To teach and calm as a lightworker, you will likely be misunderstood, but need to keep sharing. Every being on the planet is ascending, so you must carry on the work. There are several energy techniques that can be used to honor your temple. These allow you to transition and create space for increased light to be infused into your light body. These create a time for solitude, integration, and self-love that you will continue to receive.

  • Reiki – This hands-on energy healing allows a practitioner to channel light infused with universal energy into client’s energy centers. This assists in healing emotional and physical trauma for spiritual well-being. The light heals and opens the centers to bring balance and flow. Vibrations are elevated and the body can accept the higher frequencies of this age. Chakras are also healed in the process.
  • Yoga – Yoga cultivates mindfulness through breathe work and a deep calm state. The ultimate goal is to remain present in the pure consciousness and enlightenment. The practice helps you stay centered and grounded while tapping into the peace within so you can handle obstacles in life. Yoga further unites the body, mind, and spirit in a spiritual way.
  • Well-Being – Lightworkers must keep their physical form balanced during earth’s transition, especially as challenges arise. Now is when physical health must be a priority.
  • Meditation – Meditate on the vibration of the sun while visualizing its powerful rays penetrating the earth. Allow these same rays to penetrate your being and nourish your soul. Feel the warmth flow through you as unwanted energy is washed away. Continue until you feel each cell embraced and glowing.

Lightworkers are teachers, healers, and guides that bring healing light energy to earth and humanity. Vast knowledge awaits humanity through this difficult transition. Humans must take possession of the mind and heart to understand that intuition and intellect must work in harmony. Learn to feel this truth deep within the soul and know you did not choose to be here to blend in, but to transform the current materialistic world. It is honorable to incarnate during a time of ascension as an assistant to earth in her re-birth. As lightworkers serve, you increase and replenish light. Lightworkers will notice people who will be drawn into groups to further develop their light as it awakens. The global healing for humanity has begun. As you feel this deep yearning, open your wings and fly.