How to Work Within a Spiritual Shift

Many people, from spiritualists to preachers, are talking about a spiritual shift. This shift is why there is a lot of friction in society right now because people tend to fight shifts. Spiritual shifts can be positive but are mysterious and unknown so people tend to fight them.

If you haven’t felt it yet, you will soon unless you are one of those who fight changes and, therefore, ignores it. This shift is bringing about a lot of changes in society and the world and it could be exciting if we all shift in the right direction toward the positive aspects of it.

Once you start noticing changes, you will find a shift taking place within you too. Awareness tends to open you up to the changes. You will start to see things differently. That is how shifts work.

Things That Change

One of the biggest changes during a spiritual shift, or as preachers put it a prophetic time, is the definition of good and evil. There are challenges to those definitions and we will need to choose which direction we take.

Another change to occur is the number of “miraculous things” you see. You start to see miracles in everyday life, in every flower, in every friendship. You began to see everything as important and interactive.

You crave more spiritual things. There is a heightened awareness of spiritual awareness now like there has never been before. People are seeking knowledge that stretches beyond the earthly realm and are refocusing their lives on the unseen things of the spirit.

People tend to refocus on families, health, and quality time. When a spiritual shift happens, it restructures priorities in your life. Suddenly, work isn’t as important as your daughter’s dance recital. You may begin to eat better and exercise more. You may even keep a cleaner and more organized home. These are the things that create peace and that is what a shift prompts in you to seek.

How Should You React?

Spiritual gifts can make you incredibly uncomfortable. That is what they are supposed to do. However, there are some things you can do to ease your way through the shift. The first thing to do is to tell yourself that you’re ready. Focus on what you are doing right now instead of worrying about the future.

Treat everyone with equal respect and value and love others unconditionally. Be kind and forgiving and listen to others looking at them in the eye. Think before speaking and speak wisdom instead of judgment. Look at people the way God does with compassion and love.

You may not be able to change the world, but how you react during this shift will affect the whole effect of it. We are all interconnected and what each of us does affects the rest of the world in some way. It particularly affects those closest to us, who are also experiencing this shift.