Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are there to guide you and protect you. They want you to have a good life. They are your friends that are there, ones that you cannot see. Some guides are there from the time that you are born while others come into your life when you need them.

If you are going through your enlightenment, then you will have a good chances of being able to connect with your guide. They will help you to make good decisions and go on the right path.

Connecting with your spirit guides should be something that helps you to reach your best self. It will help you to feel that you have someone on your side and will bring you peace and comfort. There are ways that you can connect with your guides and here are some of those ways:


One of the most common ways to connect with your guides is through meditation. A spirit guide has a high vibration and when you meditate you can match their vibration so that you can communicate with them. This is similar to tuning into a frequency on a radio.

Meditation can help you to tune into what your guides are trying to tell you. Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit where you won’t be distracted and deep breathe for a few minutes. Once you are ready, let your mind relax and imagine that your guide is talking to you. You can even try to imagine that you are sitting on a bench that has an extra seat.

Count to ten and then imagine that your guide is walking towards the bench and sits down to you. Make sure that you are relaxed and not being negative.

What Does Your Guide Look Like?

Some people have a person as their spirit guide, but others have guides that are:

• Animals.
• Light.
• Mythical Beings.
• Angels.
• Aliens.

Your guides can be different shapes or sizes and sometimes their energy does not allow them to be any shape but just an energy. You can imagine what your guide looks like and what you think they might be like.

Seeing Your Guides

It is important to open your third eye so that you can see your guides. They might come to you in a flash, and you might only see the outline of them. You can imagine what your guide looks like and meditate while you do this. See if you can see them.

Some people will only have a feeling of their guide being around them and will not see anything visually.

What is Your Guides Name?

You can talk to your guide, and you can ask them whatever you want to ask them. This might not be a real name, or your guide might want you to name them yourself. When a name comes to your mind, this is probably the guides name but don’t try and force the name to come.

Always thank your guides for contacting you and always say hello and goodbye. Pay attention to any messages they want to give you.

Dreaming of Your Spirit Guide

You might dream of your spirit guide because they might want to send you a message and this is the easiest way. You can ask them to come to your dream so that you can talk to them or see them.

When you go to sleep, tell your guide that you want to meet them tonight and be open to talking and communicating with them. If you dream of a being, it might be your guide but if you don’t, try again.

Lucid Dreaming

One way that you can contact your spirit guide is through lucid dreaming. This is when you are dreaming, and you are able to move and talk to whoever you want in your dream. Dreaming a lucid dream can happen easier if you meditate before you go to bed.

When you meet your guide, write down what your experience was so that you can reflect on it later.

Knowing You Talked to Your Guide

You will know that you have talked to your guide when you feel that you have made contact with them. This can mean that you weren’t dreaming.

Communicating with your guide will make them happy and they want you to do that. They want you to ask them to come around you and they want to feel that they are important to you. Once you get used to them being around, you will be able to know when your guides are close to you, and you can always talk to them.