Understanding Old Souls

We hear the term old soul often without always grasping its full meaning.  If you enjoy time alone, thrive in educational or philosophical pursuits, and focus on creating long-term happiness and fulfillment, then you might be an old soul yourself.  The term “old soul” indicates that your soul is at an advanced stage of development.  This is akin to being referred to as “wise beyond your years.”  So, an old soul may not have lived a high number of lifetimes, but instead gain valuable knowledge and skills along its journey.

Aspects of being an Old Soul

  • Having a calm or peaceful persona: An old soul is someone you want around you during a time of upheaval.  They are able to remain grounded and focus in order to identify and implement actions steps towards success.  Old souls have a quest to promote peace and prefer living in bucolic environments.
  • Tendency towards deep thinking: Old souls’ brains are always working to learn and share information.  It is through this contemplation they strive for self-growth and greater understanding of their communities and world around them.
  • Quality, not quantity mindset: Old souls value experiences not tangible items.  When they buy items, they want the most “bang for the buck.”  Materials things to them as necessary tools, but it is the “small moments” in life that hold the greatest value.
  • Unquenchable thirst for wisdom: Knowledge is power, and old soul will spend countless hours reading and absorbing data.  The ability to learn a new skill is more important than any material good.  Asking penetrating questions is a joy for them, and they will use this information to help improve the greater good.
  • Empathic spirit: Old soul have the ability to attune to other people feelings and emotions at a profound level.  They work to help all people have a seat at the table and a powerful voice.  This is done through a stellar ability to listen and dialogue with others.  As such, old souls are wonderful advisors as they seek to give deep, meaningful, and long-lasting advice.
  • Preference to be around older individuals: Old souls often are more comfortable interacting with people far older than themselves.  These exchanges serve to record impactful stories and lessons than can be used for community betterment.
  • Being a homebody: Old souls make their home a sanctuary and oasis of self-discovery.  They are comfortable being alone and pursuing introspective hobbies such as reading, gardening and writing.  Instead of a night on the town, they would rather relax on their home patio sipping a cup of tea and sketching the birds that gather in the trees around the house.
  • Having a positive mindset: Old souls excel at seeing the light even in their darkest moments.  They work to avoid negativity and focus on a mindset of gratitude and “paying it forward.”
  • Love of history and classic literature: Old souls are frequently found in historical sites or in old library.  They seek to understand the lessons of the past to make the future as vibrant and inclusive as possible.
  • Spiritually-minded: Old souls are sensitive individuals with keen intuition.  They steadfastly trust their judgment and can easily interpret signs from the universe.  Through their connection to the Divine they hone their self-realization skills and promotes a focus on love, light and empowerment to all in their lives.

Old souls often feel out of place in the modern world due to their immense knowledge library.  Because of their temperament they can struggle to connect with their peers.  Having others view them as weird or awkward can be difficult for the sensitive old souls to process.  Therefore, old souls can be loners or misfits.  To their loved ones, the ability of overthinking a situation can be particular difficult to manage and therefore families need to build in extra time for decision making to occur.  Old soul must also learn to practice self-protection psychically to avoid falling victim to energy vampires or being saddled with anyone else’s emotional baggage.  A particular lesson any old soul must learn in this lifetime is how to find and maintain balance.  There is a tendency to “overdo” things or take both rejection and failure particularly harshly.

Being and old soul is a true blessing, despite all the hardships.  If you suspect you are an old soul take pride in your ability to work towards growth for yourself and mankind.  Celebrate your quest for knowledge and the ways you share your wisdom with others.  Whenever you have doubts, turn to the Universe for helpful signs in order to better understand the path ahead of you and how to make it better for yourself, and all those who will follow you.