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The only good thing that you can say about California Psychics is that they are ready to offer an extended promotion of one dollar per minute. Other than that, one has to say that most are not real and can best be described as being fakes. For example, their service will only give you a refund for your call for just a few minutes.

Judging by the feedback left by other clients the caliber of California Psychics is not very good. One particularly dissatisfied client says in her California Psychics reviews that they are really horrible. The same person goes on to say that spending 2.29 dollars per minute is a total waste of time and money. According to this person,California Psychics are basically excellent con artists.

1. Inaccurate Information

The reader gave this person inaccurate information and the guidance provided was very dangerous as well as harmful to the person. The worst part is that most of the guidance provided by the reader is nothing better than real BS. The reader was also very rude and insulting and worse still the reading provided was very inaccurate. Most of the time spent with the reader was wasted on chitchat and jokes and the reader was also hostile in a veiled manner.

2. Arrogant and Authoritative

Another dissatisfied client, in her California Psychics reviews, said that they were very arrogant as well as authoritative but more importantly they were wrong in their readings. The reader tended to miss out on important things. For example, the reader might be accurate about one point but when it came to the big picture the reader was horribly wrong and inaccurate. The information provided turned out to be wrong.

Yet another dissatisfied client in yet another California Psychics reviews said that the reader though fast and seemingly accurate was also insulting at the same time as well as being abrasive. The reader kept on asking questions that were aimed at helping the reader provide an answer. If you do not indulge the reader they will simply hang up on you. Though the reader may have been right on certain things she did miss many things.

3. Guessed Answers

The worse thing about the reader was that she was dragging out the phone calls by providing guessed answers. Worse still, the reader tended to repackage whatever you told her and then will feed back this information in the guise of a reading. When questions are asked, the reader tends to provide vague answers and indulged in double speak which she tried to pass off as a reading.

4. Calls were Dragged on

Most clients seemed to be angry because the phone calls were being dragged on and the answers provided seemed to be no better than guesses. The answers provided were also vague and a lot of double-speak was used. The reader tried to pass of the double-speak as real wisdom. In fact her readings smacked of information gleaned from books and were at best very flaky. One customer was particularly peeved that the reader turned out to be inaccurate as well as rude. The reader also tended to spend too much time wasting time telling jokes and indulging in small talk. The worst part was that the readings were not particularly accurate. Also, when the customer provided more information to the reader she changed her story. The general consensus obtained after reading California Psychics reviews was that the readers at California Psychics were frauds and expensive as well as real jokers. Most people also agreed that paying the reader was a total waste because all the reader did was indulge in chitchat and provide readings that had no semblance of truth or accuracy in them. Most clients also expressed dissatisfaction with the readings.

5. Not Good Customer Service

One client also pointed out that whereas previously the readers were kind and polite as well as succinct, the new ones were very greedy and tried to waste time on small talk. They tried to extract as much information out of you and were rude as well as arrogant at the same time.

Earlier, if a customer were not satisfied with the readings, the customer service would be ready to refund all your money or tell you not to speak with that particular reader again. These days, however the customer service person tries to keep your money and at best will only refund a portion of your call.

And, if a call drops and you are not at fault then you can call up customer service but they will refuse to refund your money and will say that they need to find out the cause why your call dropped. This makes you think that they are very greedy.

6. Poor Service

The worst part is that the quality of service provided is very poor. You are going to find it difficult to build up any rapport or relationship with the reader who is charging you 2.25 dollars per minute. If you request a cold reading then the reader will just tell you that an archangel is watching over you and will tell you that she loves you and that the angels are there to protect you. This kind of nonsense is going to cost you 2.25 dollars per minute!

At these high rates, one wonders why the readers spend so much time chitchatting and why when you make a complaint that they will become rude and will hang up on you.

7. Fake readers

Some people even think that the readers are real fakes though some have been able to provide a few accurate readings. However, they do try to keep you talking on the phone and will try and extract every last dime that they can out of you. So, you may end up paying five, ten and even twenty dollars just for the pleasure of making small talk with the reader!

To make matters worse, the readers are very rude and arrogant and they seem to be thumbing their noses at the clients who are paying a lot of money to get an accurate reading.

The bottom line is that when you read California Psychics reviews you will find that most of their readers are fraud and the ones that do get things right seems to get it right by chance. 

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