Are Your Psychic Giftings a Gift or a Curse?

People often wonder if having a psychic gift is a good thing or if it is a curse. The thing is, what does this gift bring to your life? You have to pay attention to how this gift makes you feel so that you can decide.

Being a psychic can give you both good things and bad things. You might have a lot of talents and be able to help each other, and if you do, this can be a good thing.


Look at the negative parts of being gifted. The thing is most people would desire these gifts, but a real psychic can suffer because of the things that they hear and see and sometimes they wish that they didn’t.

When you are a real psychic, you will have dreams and visions and sometimes you will be warned about bad things that are going to happen to others.

You may also hear voices and see visions that you cannot tell others or discuss with people.


If you dream or have a vision about something bad that is going to happen, you will want to avoid the situation but what about the other people that are not able to avoid it?

What if you have a vision that you will have a bad day or if something bad is going to happen in a certain area? You will want to use this vision to help people, but what if they do not believe you? What if people go there or what if, even worse, if you do not warn them?

People often have vivid dreams, and this is something that can show you a bad outcome in life. Who wants to deal with these things and deal with pain of others? What about being the person that has to tell someone of doom that is coming to their life? You might have to grieve over the outcome and then learn to let it go. It is important that you have experience before you get into these things.

Those people that see an outcome that they cannot change might feel upset and they might ask their guides to not let this happen. Then if it does, they have to take action and tell others about the dream. What if others think that you are crazy or that you have lost your mind?


Sometimes a psychic will hear voices in their mind that are negative. It can be draining, and you can feel bad about people talking to you in negative ways in your life.

One thing that you can do to stop this is to ignore the voices. Do not let them speak to you rudely and if they do, use protection rocks to allow your mind to be protected. Put up boundaries in your life and do not let the spirits bother you.


People will not always accept you if you are a psychic. There are many people that do not believe in this and one things that you can do is to keep your gift to yourself. If you are worried about people misjudging you, do not tell them personal things about you.

If you mention you are a psychic, only talk to people that you can trust and people that you know will be nice to you.


Do you feel that you are very sensitive and that you are always picking up energy from those around you? This can be a blessing and a curse because you can help others but at the same time, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and tired.


The answer is that you got your gift from the universe so that you can help others, and this is a gift for you. This is not a curse and if you use it correctly then you will see that your gifts are important.

You can help others to make good decisions and you can take action when it is needed. Learn to listen to your guides and to what others tell you. If you feel that you can help people, help them.

Chances are that you will be in many situations where you can help people if you decide to. You can do readings and make extra money and you can help people in your life to make better decisions.

You can use your gift to do better at your job and to work through relationship problems that you have. When you help others, you will feel better and you will see that you are skilled to be helpful and good.

Live Your Gift

Some people love their psychic gifts so much that they cannot imagine living their life without their giftings. They change the way that they live to help others and they want to live this life. If you have visions or you are able to read into the future, step up and take advantage of your gift.

See your gift as a positive thing and allow it to help you to overcome problems in your own life and to help others overcome their problems.