Clearing Negative Energy

Each day we come into contact with different energies that can be influential on our wellbeing and mood. This can affect you in strong ways. Think about a time you have walked into a room right after someone was arguing or entered a hospital waiting room to feel instantly anxious even if you have no need to be. This was the energy of the area affecting you in a strong and obvious way. While everyone is affected by this type of energy, some are much more conscious of it. Places like hospitals need cleared of the negative energy to help healing and provide a calmer environment for visitors. However, toxic energy can build up anywhere, including your home. If anyone in your home has been depressed, sick, or just stressed out it is important to clear it. Hopefully the difference you feel will inspire regular clearing of the negative energy. This will also help you to shield yourself energetically and able to reinforce the shield when entering places like bars, hospitals, or prisons. Any place in which people gather holds their collective energy and it needs cleared or you will take in that energy.

How to Clear Your Energy

Before attempting to clear a space, clear your own energy. Just as you regularly shower to cleanse the body, it is equally important to cleanse your energy. Some negative energy will be attached from your own emotions, stress, or illnesses. Some will be picked up from others. So, practice good energy hygiene at least once a day, but more often if needed.

Visualization can be used to release this built-up negative energy. Visualization can be done almost anytime and anywhere, even in the midst of a busy area. Visualizing does take practice, but it gets easier over time. This is not just imagining, but creating energy shifts that you can feel with practice and awareness. If you are religious, you can ask for divine help as you visualize. The steps below are easy to follow, even for beginners.

  • Set an intention to release your negative energy and whatever has been picked up from others. Say your intention out loud or to yourself.
  • Imagine a small ball of golden light in the center of your chest that expands with each breath.
  • Allow the light to spread throughout your body as you breathe deeply.
  • Now, let the light expand out beyond your arms and legs in all directions.
  • Follow this with shielding.

This is really simple and works, especially when you do it regularly. You will end up more peaceful, calm, balanced, and less reactive.

You can also use minerals to help you banish toxicity. Allow a cup of sea salt and a cup of baking soda to dissolve in a warm tub and then soak away your toxicity. If a full bath is not an option, do this as a foot soak instead with about a ΒΌ cup of the ingredients. This is great for grounding, but also for the skin.

Yet another option is to use a healing practice for clearing. This requires only three simple steps that are shared below.

  • Place the middle fingertips of both hands on the center of the forehead.
  • Trace them up the forehead and across the top of the head, down the middle of the back, and to your shoulders. Allow each hand to sweep across the shoulders.
  • While doing this, breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth to sweep away and breathe out the negative.

Clearing Your Space

Now that you have cleared yourself, it is time to clear your space. With all of the following exercises, set an intention for clearing because if you are not aligned then the results will not shift energy. Intention is what causes the energy shift.

Salt Water Spritz

Get a small spray bottle and fill it with sea salt and distilled water. Shake it until the salt is fully dissolved. Smudge yourself by spritzing close to your body including under your feet. Now spritz every area of your home including cabinets and closets. This may make items or areas damp so allow things to air out. If you desire, add a few essential oil drops like sage or eucalyptus for added cleansing ability.


Many people are like sponges and soak up energy wherever they may go. This can be harmful to their overall wellbeing. However, there is a way to shield yourself so that energy is not absorbed. Start by imagining a large bubble all around you. Imagine it covering you completely and ask it to allow only love and positive energy in, blocking all other energy. Fill the bubble with golden light that brings healing and care to the one in the shield and puts out only positive to the world.