Impacts Past Lives Have on Current Relationships

If you ever met a new person, and felt like you knew them at a profound level, then consider that you may have met in a past life.  Past lives have ripples that extend far out into our current life.  “Irrational” fears like fire, spiders, or drowning can be passed down from a soul level due a previous traumatic death.  Birthmarks can also be tangible signs of previous injury from a past life.  Typically, these patterns arise due to a quick transition between lifetimes, which can impart both emotional and physical difficulties in the newest lifetime (on average a spirit waits between 8-20 years after physical death before returning to earth), and the memories become imprinted on a newborn’s physical being.

For example, a patient of Dr. Brian Weiss recalled a meaningful story.  As a toddler she told her mother that the child was actually her mother’s father.  The mother didn’t take her seriously until one day the patient suddenly sung a lullaby she had never heard.  However, this song was one the father sung to his children.  This showed the daughter and grandfather were in fact the same soul.  The evidence of past lives is all around us, you simply need to believe and tune in.

In relationships a past life connection is immediately noticeable by your energy exchange.  You feel the energy fields around you tingle and inform you that yes you did once know each other.   Most people you will encounter in this lifetime you will have encountered in previous lifetimes, but may have never actually met.  This is known as a “soul group” that serve to help each other grow in each incarnation.

In relationships you may experience negative karma, positive karma, dharma, or the desire to rediscover each other.  The biggest thing that separates friendship from romantic relationships is the absence of sexual energy.  If you met someone you instantly didn’t like, but after a period of time you felt love for them, then you both have thick karma.  This means your spirit feels like you owed them something, they owe you something, or perhaps both.

You have the freewill to see if red flags are emotional, or actual warnings.  We have the choice in how we attract people into our lives.  People may enter relationship regardless of blatant red flags or signs, often because of the karma you both share.  At times, red flags serve to warn you, but you must address your fears and issues first to decipher whether you are facing danger or a need to heal.

When you meet someone and you fall easily into victim patterns despite all your best efforts, it is likely the was betrayal for one or both of you.  In this life, you must address the old emotions and crafted ways to heal.  Remember, spirits come down to Earth for teaching and growth opportunities.  “You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are,” yet rarely people prioritize a relationship with themselves first.

Commit to self-knowledge and growth.  Discover what you need to heal, opportunities to nurture your spirit, how to set or maintain boundaries, and what makes you either joyful or depressed.  By learning these you can better identify the relationships you want to cultivate in your life.  See yourself as a magnet and the people that are attracted to you, as your mirror.  This will also be true from them as well!

Every relationship is multifaceted with a tapestry of emotions and memories.  Strip away the bruises, wounds, and dirt to heal them with love and light.  By finding the core essence your relationships with evolve into a healthier plane and awaken your individual spirit’s potential.  All relationships show we must learn to transmogrify negative feelings, emotions, and behaviors, all while healing the luggage set with which we arrive on Earth.  We all have ample baggage the comprise the complicated spirit we are today.  By exploring our past incarnations and healing those wounds we are able to cleave closer with the Universal community.