Practice Psychic Manipulation

Psychic energy is a critical and comes to everyone as a gift from the Universe.  This source of creation is transmitted and received by people, animals, places and even time via the astral plane.  This dynamic force vacillates in quality and quantity in a given circumstance, local or being.  Psychic energy can be altered such as by selecting higher vibration food or clothing on a particularly trying day.

Psychic energy is tied to the Law of Attraction.  If you believe something is possible than opportunities to achieve this goal will present itself to you.  Nature is a key component of how you can manipulate psychic energy.  Since it is invisible, consider psychic energy to be like air.  It is real and tangible, but invisible to your eye.  Because it lacks a solid form, psychic energy can be shaped through mindfulness in thought or action.

Consider what is takes to build a table.  You require tools, supplies and the knowledge of how to craft the table.  This is also true of psychic energy except you don’t need special tools or materials.  Its form can be altered solely by using your mind.  Mentally, you can establish the action steps needed like wearing yellow to offset sad vibrations around or within you.  Selecting a cheery color can help change the outcome of a day by making you feel more receptive to positive opportunities.  You can also harness the power of extrasensory perception (ESP) to change psychic energy beyond your physical senses.

Manipulating psychic energy requires sincere effort on your part.  Maintain a full intention and remain focused on it while select steps to correct your psychic energy.  As American author Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  So, be resolute in your belief that change is possible and you can soon expect to see success.  Lacking confidence in this practice destines you for failure.  Major world religions explain this mindset as faith in action.

Prior to any attempts to reform psychic energy ensure you set a pure intent and focus on it in your mind at all times.  Wiccans use the term “do no harm,” as energy work never wants to rob anyone of freewill or quality of life.  Never act in a selfish manner that could hurt any being.  This is a negative behavior and altering psychic energy for self-centered ends, including causing others to be jealous of you, is something to avoid.

Manifesting Success

A mind is often filled with distractions.  With myriads of thoughts racing around, some conflicts of ideas, emotions, and perceptions is bound to arise.  Calm and tame your mind through a daily meditation practice.  Maintaining a focused mind helps you more readily name concept of success and actions steps need for achieve it.  By having an unwavering belief in this principle and having good intentions will help open doors for opportunity and favorable outcomes.

This will be hard at first due to external factors such as social conditioning that include your upbringing and experiences.  Push through the doubt and cultivate a mindset of resilience.  By training your mind to focus and concentrate at extremely high degrees, then you will be able to improve your life via psychic energy manipulation.

Setting a Practice

The mind is a muscle that needs to be exercises.  Through habit building you will be successful.  Create a timetable and adhere to it.  Remember that practice makes perfect.

Be Committed to Growth

Becoming successful at psychic energy alteration requires you to always strive to improve yourself.  Sure, you will face pitfalls along the way, but it is important to stay the course.  When you reach a goal, first celebrate it.  Then reflect on what made it possible and what you might need to refine.  Finally, set a new and potentially loftier goal.

Maintain this mindset will help you remain committed to harnessing psychic energy and seeing at vital to your life, rather than a fanciful whim.  Hold true to how psychic energy betters your future and community.  Notice how manifesting your intent improve the lives of all it touches.  Rejoice in how it helps you improve your overall psychic skills.  Knowing, all this don’t you want to start manipulating psychic energy today?