Deja Vu

Have you ever felt like you have been somewhere or are you doing something that you felt like you have already done before? This feeling can make you feel that you are in the twilight zone, but the truth is this has something to do with both your brain and your feelings.

Your mind is a mysterious thing and it is wanting to show you things such as when you are having déjà vu. Déjà vu means “already seeing,” and when you feel like you know someone or that you have been to a certain place before, the brain is responsible for these memories.

According to science, the brain will have small seizures that help to create memories and retrieve something when it feels that it is familiar. Even if you do not remember doing this before, your brain knows what you have done and can cause your mind to react.

According to doctors, the hippocampus is a small part of the brain that is curved and has different circuits passing through it. These circuits help to create memories and give you a feeling that you have done something before. One study found that more than 70% of people in the world have experienced these types of feelings, or déjà vu.

Paying Attention

If you are very distracted, there is a much smaller chance that you will experience déjà vu.  According to the “split-perception theory,” if you are distracted by something such as your phone or someone talking to you, chances are you have your perception split in two instead of one and it can cause parts of the brain to be confused. Look closer at things and you can stop this from happening.

It Happened

When you have déjà vu, it could be that you are in a place that is familiar because you have been there or it could be something that has happened to you in the past but you really cannot remember it. Déjà vu relates your brain to things that you have done before and that you might not remember. Some have found that when it comes to déjà vu that if you are someplace in a different location that looks similar to someplace that you have been, you might feel that you are experiencing déjà vu, even if you aren’t.

Strong Eye

When you think of your eyes, most people know that the eyes are not the same. One will have dominance over the other and the dominate eye that you have could help you to feel déjà vu more. The eye that you have that is stronger can send out more information than the other eye and then when you focus with both of your eyes, your brain will let you know if you have been somewhere or seen something before.


Skipping out on sleep is not good for you and if you have been doing this and you are having more déjà vu than you are used to, chances are you need to get more sleep.  Being tired or stressed can make you feel that you are experiencing déjà vu more than you really are. You might have your brain telling you things that are not true based on your lack of sleep.


Chances are that people that think they experience déjà vu could just be having a memory mismatch. This happens when you have a conflict in your awareness, and you think that you have seen something that you have not. This can happen if you remember something slightly incorrectly than it really is.


Déjà vu is a common thing, and this can happen because people have a lot of things going on in their mind, but if this seems to happen to you over and over, this can be a sign of epilepsy. People with this disorder often will feel that they are experiencing déjà vu because they are having feelings that are disorienting.

If this happens a lot or you have blurred vision after experiencing it, go to the doctor and see if you need to be checked out.

Past Life

If you believe in past lives, you might see that déjà vu can happen when you are experiencing something that has happened to you before in a past life. Some women feel that they have met the person that they are going to marry in their past life and when they find them in the present, they feel that they have known each other forever.

Déjà vu can be a mystery and it can bring you moments that stand out with you in your mind and in time. You might find a home that you want to buy that feels very familiar to you, eat at a restaurant that you feel like you have been to before or make a connection with someone that is very strong. If this happens to you, do not let the feelings go, explore them and see where they take you.

Take time to study about déjà vu and know that many psychics believe that déjà vu can help you to predict the future and to have other experiences.

Path of Life

Life is basically a path that has many obstacles and you are not always sure if you are on the right path. Déjà vu can be a way that your mind is telling you that you are going the right way and that you are doing the right things.

If you experience déjà vu, know that you are making the right progress and doing the right things.

Turning Fork

If you believe in multiple universes, this can be considered the “turning fork phenomenon.” This happens when someone feels that they are matching the frequencies of their mind with another world.

When you feel that the experiences that you have are strange, this is normal, and you will be okay. Déjà vu is not something that should scare you and if you feel that you need to see a doctor to be a peace, do it. Remember, déjà vu can be a great experience, do not be afraid of it.