10 Simple Methods to Raise Your Vibration

You can discover your vibration by becoming aware.  Breathe into your body and notice how you feel in the moment.  Perhaps you are happy, sad, deflated, hopeful, or anxious.  Our energetic vibration changes based on our feelings, thoughts, and actions.  Thankfully, we can take steps to improve our vibration and grow closer with the Divine.

10 Tips to rise vibrations

  1. Switch your mindset: Just altering your perception can create powerful improvements.  Begin by maintaining a focus on love and empathy.
  2. Meditate: Find a private quiet space.  Ground yourself, breathe, and release tension or anxiety.  Be in the moment
  3. Move your body: Discover the benefits of yoga, exercise, or a walk outdoors.  As you begin to move, you probably will notice your mood shift as your brain produces a rush of endorphins.
  4. Show kindness: Perform random acts of generosity and love without any expectation of reciprocity.  This will create powerful energy shifts as your increase your vibration.
  5. Respect the Earth: Get outside and appreciate nature.  Take a walk outdoors, swim in open water, or simple sit in a garden and appreciate the beautiful plants.
  6. Read poetry: Poets like Rumi, Emmerson, Dickenson, and Browning have a healing property that benefits all who share in their stirring words.
  7. Don’t gossip: Gossip is an energy drain.  Instead of sharing sordid tales, bless the individual instead.  Remember, if a person is sharing gossip to you, they are probably gossiping about you.
  8. Crystal healing: Crystals can balance, cleanse, and optimize chakra flow.
  9. Get healthy: Adopt healthy habits like getting outside and staying hydrated.  Eat high vibration foods like raw fruits or vegetables, and avoid refined sugar or additives which can suppress energy flow.
  10. Sleep:  Make sure you create a sleep-friendly bedroom to get ample restorative sleep.  If you are still struggling with fatigue, consider taking an afternoon nap.

Consider trying one or more of the above tips.  By living a life filled with love, kindness, and empathy we promote healthy energy flow in our life.  Then we can share this healthy flow with others in our community and help to benefit the whole world.