How to Help Heal Others Without Harming Yourself

An empath is someone that wants to help others and they are needed by people around them. These people often pick up the negative feelings of people and places, even when it is not planned.

Are you someone that always finds that you are surrounded by drama and that you have people that are always needing to have their needs fulfilled? Do you find that you get frustrated by all of the negativity or that you feel that people around you are always using you to help them?

Being an empath means that you are a healer, and this means that things often happen, and you feel responsible for these feelings. Nurses and doctors aren’t able to take home their patients and just like someone that is sad, an empath cannot always be there to take care of them. Healers and empaths have issues of their own.

One thing with an empath is that they feel the hurt and the pain of others around them. This can even be physical pain in their bodies. Doing Reiki can cause an empath to be able to save their energies and can help to change the moods of themselves and others.

Healers have different careers and they always seem to be there ready to help others and to lift them up. They are people that use their own energies to help others.

An empath might have to always respond to the mood or feelings of those around them at their jobs, in their relationships or even with strangers in a crowd. This can cause their mood to be down and can cause them to have sensitive emotions or even mental disorders.

Being an empath means that you are someone that has needs and this can mean that even though people are attracted to your energy, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to help yourself.

Here are ways that you can help yourself if you are healer:

Healing Those in Need

There are people that want to be healed but there are also ones that do not want to be healed. They are often not healed because they don’t really want this, and they prove this by their negative thinking.

Think about someone that has no friends and someone that is not close with their family. These people often look for attention from others and they worry that they will not get this attention and so they are willing to do whatever it takes to raise their emotions.

Most of the time these people do not realize that they even are doing this or needing healing.


Make sure that you stay grounded. You can do this by imagining roots going from your body into the ground. Your body is full of branches and you can mediate and visualize this to help you.


Make sure that your energies are protected. Keep an image of a bubble surrounding you and if you feel that your shield is broken or that it is lacking, imagine it fixing itself. Do this before you see people that are negative.

Set Boundaries

Everyone has to have boundaries and the more boundaries that you set, the healthier you are. You are allowed to tell people no. You are allowed to help yourself and to do things that keep you strong and healthy.

Make people wait if you need them to wait. Take a break and learn to listen to what you need in your own body.


Keep your energies strong and do this by going into nature and by meditating. You can also use different crystals that get rid of negativity.

Stay Away from Negative Energies

Try the best that you can to avoid negativity. Try to keep positive thoughts and to stay away from people that bring you down.

Find crystals to keep on your body and in your environment that takes away negativity and protects you from this kind of energy.

You do not need negative energy in your life.

Loving Others

It can be hard for an empath to love others and to accept love because people are not always out. An empath is always saving someone, and they do not take responsibility for their own health. They are often helping those that refuse to be responsible for what they are doing and who they are being.

Empaths sometimes get so overwhelmed that they get the victim mentality.


Help people by telling them the right things to do and helping them to act. Be confident in your self and in what you tell others.

Helping People

Know that there are people that can help themselves and make them be responsible for who they are. Remember that life is hard, but everyone has a purpose.

Let people work hard to help themselves and then help them to do that.

Be Thankful

Be thankful for the gifts that you have and for the people that you get to help. Be excited to see people get better and for the changes that you get to experiences.


The best thing to remember is that you are gifted to help others and you need to allow your soul to grow. People will come in and out of your life and the things that you experience will cause you to grow and to become your better self.

You will learn what you should and shouldn’t do as time goes on and you need to be thankful for the opportunities that you have.