Cutting the Cord of Past Lovers

When you have past relationships, your past is sometimes rooted to the chakras and can block you from getting love and joy that you want.  Sometimes you can blame an individual while other times you need to search what has went wrong.

Avoiding It

When you surrender yourself to the universe because you know that it knows better than you then you will see that the universe is wanting to take care of you.

The universe will block things that do not help you or honor you.  If you want to drink something that is poison, then the universe will show you through this experience that you have made a mistake and it isn’t something you want to do.

Sometimes when you have negative experiences you can learn from these and have a clear life that you really want.  You have to realize that these experiences can be painful but that they are sometimes necessary so you can answer spiritual questions.

Blame Game

When you have a past lover, you need to get rid of them and keep them out of your energy field.  You have to look at them and thank them for what they put you through and forgive them and then forgive yourself.  When you do this, you turn it back to the universe and you cleanse yourself.

If you are single and looking to meet someone, you have to make sure you are clear from your past lovers and allow yourself to heal.

You can do this so that you can have more self-acceptance and less self-hate.  You need to rewire how you think and you can do this by chanting, taking time with nature, meditating, trusting your feelings and discerning situations.


Do you feel that you are still emotional from your past choices?  Do you feel sick when you think about things?  This is how you work through things to get better and one way is to talk to your spirit guides.  They can help you but you have to tell them that you want their help.