7 Ways to Survive as an Empath

There are those who want to learn how to develop more empathy while empaths want to learn more about how to manage it to avoid its pitfalls.

Some of the pitfalls of being an empath is that you tend to mold yourself to those around you. This chameleon attribute is a way of protecting yourself, but empaths often lose their own authenticity because of this.

Another pitfall is they avoid confrontation because making someone sad or angry makes them uncomfortable. So, sometimes they become uncomfortable in a situation and say nothing.

There are 7 ways to help your life as an empath. Practicing these things daily will make you happier and protect your feelings:

  1. Develop a shield.

It is important to protect your physical body and you can do that with your aura. Empaths tend to have a “thin skin” and can be influenced by others, especially if there are holes in their protective shield.

To develop a thicker shield, visualize it surrounding your body. It should radiate and be completely surrounding you. Some see it as a certain color they like. It must be flowing and flexible so it can let things in that serve you and keep out negative energies. Experts in this say you should snap your fingers to hold it in place.

Some find it helpful to carry a boji stone. Kirlian photography has proven this stone seals a person’s auric field if they carry it around for more than three days.

  1. Develop your center

The center referred to isn’t your physical body,  but is the spark of your essence. You should focus attention on this using all your senses. Be aware of everything, thoughts, emotions, and sensations. After practicing this technique alone, practice it while around others. Practice switching awareness from yourself to your environment and back.

  1. Don’t accept responsibilities that belong to others.

Empaths are caretakers, so it is natural to feel like that are supposed to always be a caretaker. Except that you aren’t. Be compassionate, but don’t overextend what is needed to maintain your sanity and your health. Know where your line to stop is.

  1. Know you will be the bad guy.

Kindness is natural for the empath. Many people consider them near saints and they relish that. Being the nice one is easy and safe. However, it doesn’t allow you to deal with others’ negativity. It doesn’t help them, doesn’t protect them or you. In fact, it keeps them from growing and makes you crazy. People may get angry if you don’t do what they want, but ultimately it is better for both of you.

  1. Open your throat chakra

The throat chakra is the energy for expression of personal truth. Opening this chakra results in opening us up to expressing our feelings and true needs. It also drives the creative force in us that also results in personal expression.

To open the throat chakra, sing or chant, share your feelings with friends and meditate. Some stones that are effective with opening the throat chakra are turquoise, chrysocolla, lapis, amazonite, lazuli and blue lace agate. They can be used for meditation or you can wear them as jewelry or put them in a medicine bag to carry.

  1. Open up your root chakra.

While this is a lower level chakra, opening it up will bring balance to empaths. The root chakra is effective in helping us live fully in the world. It grounds us and allows us to be present to deal with all issues in our path. Closing it makes us fearful and non-associative. Healing this chakra releases fears that hold you back.

Some ways you can open this chakra is to visualize you are sending roots down into the earth from your base. Be sure to to visualize that you can breathe from your root. Breathe in earth energy on the inhale and release any negativity within you on the exhale.

  1. Clear yourself of negativity regularly.

Most familiar with the problems of empaths say it’s good to smudge yourself on a regular basis to release other people’s influence and energy. There are other ways to clear yourself of others influence. You can spend time alone, bath or shower.

Practicing these exercises on a daily basis will improve your energy and physical status. It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of being an empath while negating all the negative aspects of this gift.