Soul Friendships

A soul friendship is a connection that is stronger than most friendships and goes beyond the physical relationship into the spiritual relationship.  This is a bond that will allow you and your friend to have peace and understanding of each other.

If you are dating this person or if you have found someone that will be your forever best friend, there are signs that this can be a soul connection.  If you have a soul connection, you must always treasure it.


You will see that you and your best friend seem to have things going on that show that you are like the same person.  You will be able to look at the same things and have the same thoughts and you will be able to say what the other person is feeling.

Your relationship will not be perfect, none are, but you will learn that not agreeing does not mean that you are not meant to understand each other.  You will know each other’s heart desires and you will care for each other.

In other relationships, there are often things that cause a lot of drama and frustration but with a soul friendship, you will love each other no matter what.

Life Without Them

When you are soul connected with someone, you cannot imagine your life without this person.  You will never think that your life will be different because you plan to always have this person in your life.

If you have ever imagined yourself without this person, you will realize how special your life with them is and you will want to always be with them.

You Understand them and They Understand You

If you are able to understand each other on a different level, this is a sign that they are your soul connection.  You are able to know what they need, and desire and they know the same about you.

You will want to discover what this person is made up of, tell each other secrets and know the parts of them that are hidden and harder to figure out.

You will give them in return all of you so they can figure you out.  Your relationship is stronger than what is on the surface.

Strong Conversations

You will find that when you talk to your soul connection that your conversations are beyond the universe.  You will understand each other fully and you will be able to talk about things that are difficult.

You are not afraid to talk to them or to speak what is on y our mind.  You will be able to tell them about your fears and your desires and you will share what is in your soul at all times, without any fear.


Having a soul friendship is more than just loving someone.  You will have a connection with them that you cannot understand or even explain.

This type of relationship is not a clique and is not something that you experiences shortly, but it is something that you share everything.  You will be able to finish each other’s sentences and to know what the other is thinking.

You will be excited when you are around them and you need them to be in your life emotionally.  You care about them with feelings that are deeper than just desire or passion and your soul will crave to be around them.