Light Stealers

An energy vampire is someone that can suck the life out of your body and your emotions.  They use their negative energies in order to hurt you and take away all positive things that you have.  The thing about an energy vampire is that they can be a friend, a relative or even a lover.  They leave you feeling upset and exhausted.  They will leave you feeling drained and mad.

Other ways that people can affect you is when they bully you.  They will give you negative energy and they have an ego that is strong, and they are hard to be around.  When a person lets their ego control them then they show that they are being negative and stealing the light and positivity of people.

Everyone has an ego, and this is part of who we are.  It is a vibrational part of our body that is not of the spirit and it is formed because of low emotions.  The spirit being part of us is the soul and without it we could not exist.  The ego is lower than this and we have to have it to survive but when it is stronger than our spirit, it can cause us to be negative.


When we are treated wrong or bullied by others then it can cause us to be sad and to be suicidal even.  This happens because the victim is attacked, and they bully steals their light.  It causes them to be confused and to feel that everything is wrong.

This is a very serious thing and even though we should stick up for ourselves, it is more important to protect ourselves from people stealing our light.  It is common in our world to be bullied and being bullied comes from the ego and not from the spirt.  The bully will want to be stronger and he or she can do that by feeding off of the light of others.

Another type of light stealer is a person that is aggressive.  They steel the light and cause problems with people.


When someone uses false negativity, it means that they are trying to make other people be negative with them.  They want to bring you down and make things that you say backwards.   They will be sorry after they ruin your day, but they will keep causing you pain and suffering and keep feeding off of your light.  T This is a form of black magic and will bring you down.

Bullying and negativity are the things we face at a physical level.  Most of us will have some sort of light stealing and some people do not know that this is happening to them, they just feel unrest and weird.  Even a person that dominates us or is bigger than us can steal our energy.  They can dominate us and take our joy.  It is hard to walk into public place without having some negativity.


The reason that we feel pain of this is because light stealers will suck our light and they will attach their harm to use.  They will cord their victims so they can hurt them, and they will do what they can to be unkind.  The great news is that you can reject a bully and you can get rid of the cord that they hold against us.  They can do their best, but you can balance the karma and be free.

Don’t think that self-defense is bad and when you cut the cord, you will be able to get rid of a bully and an energy vampire.


When people are alarmed by negative people, they see the evil in this and see that they are actually innocent.  If you have opened yourself up to being bullied or if people steal your light, then you need to practice getting your light back.

You need to work on stopping the bullying and developing strength inside of your soul to protect you.  You might attract negative entities with strong emotions, and you have to know they are not human.  They take the light of someone and they are bullies and sometimes even evil.

Do not be afraid of this and do not ever forget or ignore the power of a bully or an energy vampire.  Refuse to give them your energy and do not let them upset you or trick you into being negative.  When you don’t fall for their mess, you can get past their negativity and stop giving them light.