An Energy Vampire in Your Life

Have you ever been around people that by just being in their presence that you feel drained?  This can be emotionally or mentally?  This is an energy vampire.  When you think about vampires, you think about something that sucks blood.  This type of vampire is a person that feeds on your emotions and your energies and causes you to feel bad physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

This can also be called a psychic attack, and this can bring you a lot of pain and suffering.  The energy vampire can cause a lot of trouble in your life.

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires can be physical and non-physical.  A physical vampire is a person that does not take energy from you.  They might have a mental problem that drains them, and the feeding is not intentional when it happens to you.

They do not think about draining your energy or taking it and when it happens it is an accident.  An energetic part of them will attach to your energy and set up inside of you.

This could be a friend or a family member, your children, a co-worker or your partner.  This could be people in meetings or people you encounter when you are doing other things.

A non-physical vampire is a spirit that you do not see.  They will take you energy on purpose so they can survive.  These types of vampires will take your energy through your childhood and adulthood and they will do this by giving you fear, anxiety, addiction and trauma in your life.  These can happen through physical and spiritual events and can be a spoken or non-spoken agreement with them.

If you have one of these in your life, they will suck out your life and will attach to other people that is around you.

There are also other spirits that are on the earth, but they do not know it.  They are confused and they take your energy accidentally because they are trying to find a safe place to be.

Signs of Emotional Draining

There are different signs that you can know that you are being drained of your energy such as:

  • Being drained after talking to someone.
  • When you feel like someone is talking at you instead of to you.
  • When you want to fit into a group so you can feel accepted.
  • When you feel guilty for not doing enough for someone.
  • When you cannot say no to someone even when you don’t want to do something.
  • When you are mad at yourself for being manipulated.
  • Being in a sexual relationship without love.
  • When you hold on to a relationship because you have no energy to get out.
  • Following drama.
  • Being around narcissistic people.
  • When you feel intimidated.
  • When you are physically or emotionally abused.
  • When you cannot flee from bad relationships.
  • When you worship a god or celebrity or something else outside of yourself.
  • When someone tells you that if you loved them you would do more.
  • Being tired and sick feeling no matter what you do.
  • Having no energy.
  • Being physically or sexually abused.
  • When people around you are needy.

Things to Know

You are not innocent of the way that you allow people to treat you.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make, and that is allowing people to treat you the way that they want to.

You must learn to stop judging and blaming other people because this becomes a game.  You have to stop being the victim and learn to get your energies back without blaming everyone else.

Learning to accept other people’s actions for their actions will help you to get your energy back.  This means that you love someone unconditionally and that you are willing to stay in a relationship, but you cannot do this if you are losing all of your energy.

You need to see if you are feeding others your energy and decide if you need to just say no.  You are ultimately in control of how you allow people to treat you.  Stand up for yourself and who you are and live a happy life.