Twin Flame Telepathy

Even if you have never before had psychic abilities, twin flame telepathy can develop rapidly when it does happen. Your souls are brought online, so to speak. Twin flame telepathy allows twins to hear each other’s thoughts, conversing mentally in addition to verbal communication. It may seem like you suddenly known things you have never known before, claircognizance, as information is transferred. You will know your twin like you know yourself.


Twin flames often experience remote touch as well. This is most active when the brain is in Alpha or Theta state and defenses are relaxed and down. Twins often feel as if their twin is holding their hand or kissing them. Some can even have sexual encounters in this manner. Alpha level meditation may help this.

6 Facts About Twin Telepathy

Constantly in Tune

Twin flames share an energy frequency that is unique to the flames. They are tuned into one another. This means communication is always present on that energetic flame. This is why so many twin flames can feel and hear one another’s thoughts, moods, and feelings. This telepathy will grow in strength and clarity as it aligns more over time.

Twin flame telepathy is a way to keep in touch regardless of distance. Messages will be transmitted easily through the energetic channels. Send love and messages by focusing on the heart space and focusing on the love felt for your twin. They will sense it even if you have not spoken for years or ever before.

Beyond Verbal

Always be alert to the impressions and messages that come in forms other than verbal. A sound, image, sense or dream can also be communicated through twin telepathy. Don’t be surprised by a memory from your twin flame’s life or déjà vu such as when the Union Process occurred. This is because energies are merged and it is a side effect.

When you suddenly have a thought about your twin flame or a sudden feeling of love, they are likely thinking of you and sending positive thoughts. This starts at a soul level, but the more in tune you become the easier it is to feel these things.

This can boost feelings of intimacy and togetherness because connections are no longer just words, but energy and feelings. This means less chance of a conflict or any misunderstandings. This is an unmistakable energy of love.

Lines Can Cross

When twin messages do not get through it can be because you are energetically congested with your own issues and are clogging up the lines. This is much like trying to call someone on a phone that is busy. The entire world is full of energy from others and we can unconsciously absorb this if we are not aware. This can cause congestion of the telepathy lines.

Clearing our daily energy can keep these telepathic lines open and steer us clear of negativity that can cause problems. There are many methods to this that are faster than hours of meditation and burning of sacred herbs.

If you have never had telepathic communication with your twin flame, the first step is clearing the channels. You have likely become blocked from receiving. This may take a bit, but will help clear the congestion so telepathy can work.

More Complex than the Phone

There are times when you may receive confusing or disheartening messages from a twin. This can make you feel low. The reason for this is not what they are sending poor messages, but because you are picking up your own subconscious thoughts. Our insecurities, ego and the negativity of others can get through. It’s like dialing a number and getting the wrong person, though you do not know it is the wrong person because you only hear words, not a voice. The words may be harmful, but they are not from the person you thought you called.

This is like twin telepathy. We do not really hear a voice, just words, a sense of where they originate. We are recognizing an energetic signature and feel a person. You must get to know your twin flame’s energy well so that it can be recognized and others ignored. Our fears are what often send us into a negativity spiral, so we must guard against these instincts.

Stronger with Practice

Since twin flame telepathy takes place on an energetic plane to develop reliability you must keep channels clear and healthy. This will open up twin flame telepathy faster than any other option. As with most skills, practice makes telepathy easier and eventually, nearly effortless.

Twin Telepathy Allows Other Conversations

Once you develop your twin telepathy it will become a gateway to your other guides. This can be helpful on your personal journey as wisdom, insight, and love are shared. If you try communicating with other guides, take precaution. Make sure they are your real guides and you are getting good information.

Telepathy and other forms of energy based communication, theoretically mean you can communicate across languages. This is because energy has no words and can cross all channels.