9 Signs That PROVE You’re A Psychic Medium

Let’s go ahead and start with the first one which is probably the most obvious and it’s simply that you have seen a spirit.

1. You Have Seen Spirits

Let’s start with talking about what that means because there are actually a lot of different ways that you can see spirits.

You may have seen apparitions full-on, either as a child or an adult and the reality is that your psychic abilities can wake up at any time in your life. One of the things that have been fascinating over the last few years is the fact that people seem to be growing into psychic abilities later in life than before. You know, it’s so usual to hear the story of a psychic medium who discovered their gifts when they were a child, so they just always knew they had this connection. But more and more people are starting to develop and recognize their abilities in their 30’s, 40, or even 50’s. So it doesn’t matter what age you are when you discover it. What matters is that you recognize them.

Having said that, you may see a full apparition with your physical eyes or you may see something out of your peripheral which is usually what happens when this ability is starting to unfold, or starting to manifest itself. The other thing that is interesting to note is that you may see spirits in your mind’s eye. This is something that most mediums experience and it is called “mental mediumship.”

 If you have ever seen a spirit either in your mind’s eye or physical eye, that is a clear sign that you are a psychic medium

2. You Can Sense Spirits

_Number two on the list is that you can sense spirits around you. This means that when you walk into a room, you may feel the energy of the room. You may feel as if something is watching you or you may just sense that there are other energies in the room. Even if you are by yourself, you may feel this way and even feel it in a room full of people. So you walk into a room full of people, maybe it’s quiet or maybe it’s a library, who knows what the situation is? You just feel as if there is something else there and that is known as clairsentience.

3. Imaginary Friends

When you were a child, you had very clear imaginary friends. The surprising thing is that you can have that as an adult too. And I know that’s something a lot of people aren’t willing to admit but if as an adult, you have started to develop friends which hopefully you are not speaking out loud in public because that’s little embarrassing, and makes you look little weird, then that’s most likely a spirit guide or could, in fact, be someone who has crossed over. If you had imaginary friends as a child or you started to have them as an adult, but they were revealing information’s to you that you couldn’t possibly know, that’s a clear sign that you are a medium too. A medium in this sense is not just somebody who connects with people who are now on the other side, basically dead or ghosts, but someone that connects with the spirit world. That means you can connect with angels, guides and other beings in that spiritual realm.

4. Orbs in Photos and Videos

There are often orbs around you in videos and photos. This is pretty cool. They are orbs of light. I get so many people sending me pictures of orbs all the time. Sometimes they are orbs and other times its just dust. So, you need to be careful about this. There are usually two different ways that they present themselves. One is a very large white circle. It looks almost as if someone has taken an eraser and erased a circle out of your picture. There is no color there at all and you can also see a halo of color around it. That’s a clear indication of an orb. The other way an orb might look is, there might be a bigger circle but in the very middle of it, there is this bright dot. This is how you can tell the difference between whether you have a spark of dust that might be around things, or that looks a little floaty. The roundness isn’t quite so prevalent as opposed to an orb that is very round and very bright.

5. Question Your Sanity

Number five on the list is that you sometimes wonder if you are crazy. The reason this is important is that crazy people don’t know that they are crazy. They experience things that other people don’t and take any creation that their minds create as the gospel truth. People who are sane or mentally unhealthy usually notice that they feel things that are not there or see things that are not there. When they see an apparition that came out of nowhere, they ask themselves, “Am I mentally sane? Am I mentally healthy? Is there a problem?” So, if you are questioning your sanity, that’s usually an indication that your sanity is intact. It is very common for psychic mediums to doubt their abilities, to doubt their gifts, and as these messages come to them, they are always wondering whether it’s real or whether he/she is making it up?

6. Hearing Voices

Next on the list is you hear voices that other people don’t hear. Or you just hear voices when no one else is around. This is something that has happened to me frequently and if you have ever been into a place that was haunted or had different energies, you probably experienced this too. I remember going to a friend’s house and she told me that her place was haunted and there were spirits there. I was at her place for about a week. The first few days I was there, I hadn’t experienced anything. I had seen some orbs in the guest room and that was pretty cool and aside from that, I hadn’t seen anything else. I make this sound so casual, right? Like oohh, I saw orbs, it’s no big deal… but when you are a psychic medium you just get used to certain things. I was kind of hoping that maybe I would see something or hear something but for the first few days, it was nothing, just orbs. But after it was my 4th or 5th day there, I heard two voices in the hallway and I can’t remember exactly what they were saying. There were two distinct male voices and one of the males said…”Oops! Sorry, didn’t mean to bother you, Nicole.” This disembodied voice knew my name, called me out by name, and this told me clearly that it was an intelligent being that I was…. (I wanna say I was working with) but I wasn’t really working with him, rather, interacting with. I just thought to myself, “that is so cool!” Of course, I didn’t just take it at face value. I just started walking into the hallway, looking into the bathroom, calling out to Beth, ‘Beth is there anyone else here’? Like, where did that voice come out from? The TV was off. There was no radio on. There was no other place that voice could have come from. So, anyway, that was a pretty interesting experience. It was the first time I had heard two clear voices so distinctly and it was just amazing.

So, in that case, there was no one else around to validate whether they heard it or not and thus I knew I heard it. I don’t know, maybe I’m a little bit crazy because I didn’t question it at that moment since I know what I heard. It said my name. And my friend Beth had already told me that her place was haunted and since she had already experienced similar things in that home. She had kind of already pre-validated it for me since those kinds of things happened in her house. So for you, a common instance might be that you hear your name when no one else is around and typically this will happen when you are alone or when you are in bed. Either you are about to wake up or you are falling asleep. You are kind of in that twilight stage. That’s when your mind is most susceptible to energies and that’s actually when it’s easiest for spirits to speak to us and easiest for us to hear it.

7. Vivid Dreams

Number seven on the list is that you have very clear dreams that seem very significant. These dreams are going to be rich in symbolism. I still remember some of the dreams that I had as a teenager and in my early 20’s because they were so clear, so vibrant and emotionally charged. As a psychic medium, your brain, your conscious mind, and your subconscious mind are constantly unraveling the different meaning of messages because you are always being bombarded by messages when you are awake and when you are asleep. And again, when you are asleep that’s when it’s easiest for spirits to communicate with you and they do that through images and sounds. They talk to us and provide different audio stimulation while we are asleep. So, if you have very vivid dreams and when you wake up in the morning, you know that that dream meant something that is clear spirit communication. It may not be a communication from a loved one who crossed over, It may be a communication from your spirit guides or angels, from the Universe or from whatever deities that you believe in.

Dreams are very significant and spirits do like to send us very rich, symbolic dreams to help get their messages across. So if you notice that you have been experiencing that, do yourself a favor and write down those dreams and take a moment to dive into them to see if you can unravel the meaning of them. Now, one of the things I also do is dream interpretation. I haven’t been too vocal about that and I don’t have it as a service on my page, but if you have a dream that you want me to interpret, I would love to do that for you.

8. Synchronicities

Next on the list is that you experience a ton of synchronicities. Now, you are not usually going to experience this all the time. I mean it’s not usually consistent where you are experiencing them every day, but you will go through seasons of life where you will be thinking about a song on the radio and that radio comes on, either at work, in the car or on TV and it’s a song that’s old like 10 or 20 years. It’s not something that the regular stations are playing; it’s kind of cycled out. That’s synchronicities. You might wake up in the morning and all of a sudden have a craving for some sort of food you haven’t had in a while like a ham and cheese crescent and when you get into work the next morning, your co-worker comes up to you and says, ‘Hey, I don’t know why but I wanted to get this for you on the drive-in and I hope you enjoy” She puts the bag on your desk and you open it up and it’s a ham and cheese crescent! Who knew?!

Synchronicities are really these amazing events that happen when two things coincide together and there is no reason why they should coincide. There is no reason why you should think about this thing and it ends up in your experience. Other ways they will pop up is, you may be having a conversation with someone on the phone and next thing, you go outside and talk to your neighbor. And he brings up that same conversation. So, you have all these weird synchronicities that can’t be explained.

9. Intrigued By the Paranormal

The last on the list is that you are intrigued by the paranormal. Though paranormal things may frighten you, and you may not want to accept that you are a psychic medium, you may not like the fact that you see disembodied people and spirits. You may not like hearing them. All of these may frighten you but you still feel intrigued by it. Which means that you might enjoy shows like “Ghost Hunters”, or “Long Island Medium” or any type of paranormal shows that are out there? Even though you might think, ‘I don’t know if this stuff is real or not, but it’s fascinating and I can’t get enough of it.” That’s a sign that you are a psychic medium because as a psychic medium, you have this desire to connect with other mediums and that’s what your interest in the paranormal is. Then also, there is a part of you that wants to understand what is happening to you. You want to understand what to do with this gift. What it means. How you can maybe strengthen it if that’s something you are interested in. Or maybe if your gifts do frighten you, you probably want to learn how you can quiet them down a little bit. So there is going to be this intrigue with the paranormal because you know that the paranormal exists. You know that there is something out there that is larger than life. You know that there is life after life and because of this, you are intrigued by it. And so whether you love it or hate it, you can’t seem to get enough of it.

So, those are the most common tell-tale signs that you are a psychic medium. And if you are a medium that would love to enhance your gifts, then I highly, suggest that you find a mentor that you can work with. Find somebody who would love to mentor you.