Understanding the Tarot

Comprehending the major and Minor Arcana

A basic tarot deck is of two types; the major and minor arcana. You will find out that there are some cards that are more ornately drawn, normally with more symbolic images if you have seen a tarot card. The following are the 22 cards of the major arcana. The fool and the magician are cards within the major arcana. The cards that fall into the category of cups, coins, swords, belongs to the group of minor arcana. Those who have been trained to embrace the power of psychic readings knew how to operate the whole deck. Those who couldn’t take out the major arcana cards and play.

Whether these games existed hundreds of years ago, the main point is the tarot deck is just the same as a deck of cards even without the major arcana.

Well-known tarot decks

Many of us have had readings personally and have realized that tarot decks or tarot images are may be familiar with the Waite-Rider deck.  This beautiful deck can be bought at any local bookstore or gift shop and has been recognized as part of the popular culture. Currently, there are several distinct tarot cards to choose from. Others are based on a theme and have variations in size and shape. There are decks that can fit in the palm of your hands. What’s in tarot decks are things you respond to only and there are no right or wrong tarot decks. If you’re making a decision on which deck to choose, choose that one that’s right for you and knows that the relationship you have with a tarot deck is spiritual and is like friendship.

Do you need to buy a tarot deck?

Some fellow readers argue that one shouldn’t buy a tarot deck but should wait to be given one as a gift. This is a nice idea but I find a bit silly if one has to wait for a person to buy the tarot cards for them to use it. If you have been given a tarot card that you have no connection to, do not use it. If you have an interest in tarot cards and trust that it’s calling you, take your time and locate a deck that best suits you.

There are distinct tarot cards

There are distinct kinds of tarot cards and there are many spreads that readers use when doing a tarot reading. I use reverse placements in my readings. other readers decide to interpret the cards how they want to, whether upside down or the right side up.

As you study the tarot, you will realize that you are developing your own relationship and meanings with the card. How you interpret the cards matter a lot since that’s the only way they can have a better understanding of their lives and give honest answers.

Tarot decks give powerful information

My decks are very powerful, they allow me to receive information from my guides and at the same time, I have a lot of respect for psychics who chose not to use tools. I am always happy when I do reading and inform my clients something that they never told me.