Opening Yourself Up to the Universe’s Guidance

Have you ever felt as though the Universe has something to tell you?

You know the feeling—that magical moment when you just know that there’s an incredibly powerful, benevolent force majestically working all around you, sending you messages and signs that help guide and support you, and keep you on the right track. These moments are genuine gifts of grace. The guidance fills us with a deep sense that we’re right where we’re supposed to be.

But what if we feel lost or alone? What if we’re not getting answers to the questions we’re asking? Where’s that universal guidance then?

Whether we feel it or not, that guidance is always accessible to us. We just need to learn to recognize it, interpret its signs, and tune ourselves to the Universe’s natural flow. This will unlock the support and guidance that’s constantly available to us.

Here are five helpful tips to tune you into the Universe’s flow and participate fully in the divine adventure that’s beckoning all around us:

  1. Be open.

This is a crucial, but often overlooked, step for all types of new adventures and personal growth experiences.

We say that we long for love, but ingrained habits force us to resist receiving it. We claim to be tired of taking care of things all by ourselves, but when other people offer to help us, we close ourselves off to them. Many people don’t realize that they’re chronic givers who resist receiving.

When we request guidance from the Universe while harboring doubts or mistrust about receiving answers, or when we cling blindly to a heart’s desire that our minds know we’re not yet ready for, the Universe responds to our resistance.

The Universe will always provide us with exactly what we need in the moment for our optimal growth. If we’re not ready to receive something, we won’t.

  1. Pay attention.

The Universe communicates its messages to us in mysterious and subtle ways. The key to recognizing and receiving these messages is awareness. The messages can come to us in many different forms. You may not always perceive them – especially if we’re in the midst of hardship or struggle.

So pay more attention in the moment. If you’re going to seek guidance from the Universe, you must meet it halfway. Especially when you’re consciously seeking, focus more carefully on your environment. You’ll be surprised by what reveals itself when you pay even just a little bit more attention.

  1. Simplify.

The Universe expresses its genius through simply. This can be a difficult concept for contemporary, tech-savvy people to grasp, as we seem to excel at complicating things. If you feel as though the Universe is telling you to turn right, don’t impede yourself by trying to discern when and where and why. Just trust and make the turn!

  1. Believe.

Your reality and imagination mirror each other. Everything you perceive is meaningful. The Universe’s language is symbolic, and our translator is our intuition. When we open ourselves up to experience and trust what’s being revealed to us, the signs will become more clear and compelling, which further increases our capacity to understand them.

  1. Notice symbols and patterns.

Take note of the patterns that emerge and the symbols reveal themselves around you. They’re profound messages. Here are some examples of what you may encounter:

  • Animals. Many different cultures throughout history have believed that animals are messengers from spiritual realms. Meaningful encounters with animals are believed to be omens. The meanings can be interpreted generally by animals’ inherent natures, strengths, or weaknesses, or specifically, either by your own relationship to this type of animal, or by what the encounter reveals personally to you.
  • Physical symptoms. Injuries and illnesses represent the last physical line of defense when our bodies are compromised. Our bodies often use injuries and illnesses to communicate their wisdom to us. By investigating the underlying physical, emotional, or mental causes of our injuries or illnesses, we can gain powerful insights and return to our path of vitality and deeper healing.
  • Natural elements. Since the dawn of time, people have looked to the seasons, planets, and stars for guidance. The behavior of these natural components of the Universe can reveal intimate details about the energy that surrounds our collective consciousness. Deeply exploring these natural cycles will allow you to discover how the rhythms relate to your life.
  • Dreams. Dreams help us experience integration and wholeness. Dreams are just one way that our conscious and unconscious selves communicate with each other. Our subconscious can deliver powerful symbolic messages to us in our dreams. To help interpret your dreams, you should record them, contemplate how they made you feel, identify recurring patterns or elements, and make note of any symbolic elements.
  • Random opportunities. The Universe presents seemingly random opportunities to us all the time. The more we’re open to pursuing them, the more often the Universe will present them, and the more enchanted places they’ll lead you.
  • Repeating numbers. Do you frequently notice repeating numbers or other combinations of numbers? Math is the Universe’s language, so many people believe that repeating numbers and patterns are messages from the Universe that can be interpreted with Numerology.
  • Lost things. Whether it’s a material possession or a fleeting thought, losing something is often a message from the Universe to release it and move on. People tend to struggle with letting things go before they feel ready. Loss often involves feelings of insecurity, frustration, and anger, all of which imply that the Universe is trying to help them work through something. So, whether it’s physical or intangible, next time you lose or misplace something, surrender with faith that things are just as they should be.

In many ways, learning how to hear, comprehend, and respond to the Universe’s guidance is at the heart of spirituality. It’s the first step toward living a genuinely magical life.