Psychic protection and why you need it


This is when somebody consciously or subconsciously sends many negative energies to someone else.  It is anger, jealousy or hate that usually causes it. Because it is highly charged negative energy, it is always felt.  You are likely to feel bad all over sudden, low in spirits and not yourself.  Several symptoms can also be experienced.

Although we’ve sent negativity to someone at some point in life, you don’t necessarily have to take this laying down. The best defense is psychic energy; it reduces the effects of bad energy or stops the psychic attack.

What is psychic protection?

Also known as psychic self-defense or shielding.  All of us naturally shields our aura. We don’t work the same even though we all possess an immune system.

Psychic protection tips are made of visualization with colors, shapes, and forms. Many crystals can also be used to help in this process because they have protective properties.

Do I need psychic protection?

This is up to you to decide and also if you have encountered problems caused by taking on the vitalities of others or specific surroundings. I suppose you need to consider it if you spend a lot of time in a low vibration work environment or have negative relatives to deal with.

What can be done?

It’s good to note that psychic protection is straightforward and easy to put into practice. If you don’t believe this, you can test it yourself. I recommend that you wait for at least a month to see the results if you are trying an everyday psychic routine or working with a protection stone. You can also try different crystals to see which one best fits you.

Do not forget that you should cleanse any crystals you use for protection daily or else you will just be moving with the negative energy anywhere you go.