Learn How to Manifest Love

You cannot have a good relationship if you keep going for people that are not good for you.  You are like history repeating itself over and over again and you have to learn to change your life in order to find love.

If you aren’t happy or loved, then you will have a different reality than what is real.  You have to figure out what is reality and what is going on so that you can make a change to be loved.

You need to look at your relationships and see what you are seeking.  You should be looking for someone to love you that is positive and that puts their life out for you.

Do you wonder why you are not able to find love?  Maybe you are looking for the wrong thing and so you are not getting it.

What Do You Want?

You know what you need, and you know that what you want should be important.  Try to find something different than the same thing you keep trying to get.  Figure out what is real to you and what you want and make a goal to reach it.

Figure out if you are being honest.  Don’t be afraid of changes.  Say what you want and write it down and make a list of why you want these things.

If you are honest about what you want, you will want someone that shows love towards you and someone that treats you how you treat them.  We all want someone that is faithful and doesn’t cheat.  The list does not have to be long and can be short but just make sure you are being honest with yourself.

Why Is It Not Happening?

You need to ask yourself what you are afraid of and what is motivating you to find the perfect relationship.  Do you have pressure from friends or family and feel that you are not good at loving someone?

Do you fear other things?  Do you feel that if you love someone that you will be hurt, and they will cheat on you?  Do you want to have a romance like a storybook?

Most of the time people have different motivations for finding love.  Figure out what you want and say what you want in love.  Get over the fear that you have and do not let it hold you back.

Begin to understand why love has not come to you and if it is because of roadblocks, get rid of them.  You will have to put effort in to get rid of things that happened in your past.

Change What You Are Focusing On

You need to know that you are usually limiting yourself.  If you create blocks based on fear then you are not going to be able to move on.

Look at what you wrote down in step one and let it sink in.  Focus on what is wrong and what directions you have went about and why you did it.  Now, redirect this energy and focus and find what will make you happy.

Take Charge of It

Now that you know what you want and need, ask how you would want it to happen.  Allow yourself to be happy and to feel joy.  Take the list you made and look at it and decide how you would feel if you had all the things on your list.

Allow yourself to feel happy about these things.  Allow yourself to know what you want in a relationship and to feel what it would be like if you had these things.  Think about having a trusting partner and one that makes you feel happy and secure.

Positive Thoughts

Find your focus and redirect your thoughts and your mind.  If you want something, you need to follow it.

Read your list each day and take initiative to have what is on the list.  Meditate on it when you are alone.  When you are sitting around, think about being happy and having a good relationship.

Close your eyes and visualize the relationship and put out positive energy.  This can take around 10 minutes a day but can change your life.

Get excited about what is about to come your way!