Is psychic vision a gift or a curse?

Clairvoyants are very gifted individuals. And if you happen to have “clear sight” you know the gift it possesses plus the price. A psychic vision should be seen as a gift that can bring a positive change into a person’s life and give guidance on how to solve problems. Quite a number of times, you give insight to people so that they can see things clearly, give them comfort during those difficult times and to increase their confidence. However, sometimes there are consequences. Mostly when you confront other people’s fears or confront them for being in line with such satanic ideas. However, the truth is that your spiritual evolution is marked by your psychic gift. And most likely you have come a long way to give service to others very uniquely and powerfully.

Regardless of you being a professional psychic or a “closet psychic,” you have once if not always dealt with dilemmas that are well known to psychics.

Seeing Death

This is one of the dreaded impressions that usually arise from a reading or a psychic’s dream. Seeing death has different interpretations whether it is of the person you are doing a reading for or their closest friends. Even the angels at times are not aware when exactly someone will cross over. This means, what you can do now is just put them and their loved ones in prayers.

Reveals More than What the Other Individual Wishes to Know

You work as a psychic is to make judgmental calls at times on what you want to uncover. What to disclose and how to relay information without necessarily causing the other person pain. You might uncover a person’s repressed memories and emotional history. You may not be a professional in that sector.

When They Don’t Ask but Need to Be

Other psychics have this policy of “if they don’t ask, I won’t tell” in some readings, an individual will be happy of the fact that you really told them something valuable about their future and their life.

Intuiting Illness

A gifted clairvoyant can come to the rescue of a person’s life. You shouldn’t think too much about whether to disclose an illness or not to. This is important and you should know ways of disclosing an individual’s illness without hurting or scaring them.

Psychic Overload

As a psychic you absorb too much. That’s one of the biggest curses of being a psychic. This can lead to different symptoms such as tiredness.