How to differentiate between a clairvoyant healer, medium, intuitive and empath

  • Intuitive

Intuition is a process, from the right brain that taps into the subconscious information so that it can extract and present guidance on daily life. It can be your own life or life of others. And these intuitive do not have to be psychics. The information you receive helps you make proper decisions for your life and the lives of others

  • Clairvoyants

Also known as psychics, they can sense information that cannot be perceived through the normal senses like telling about the future, talking with spirits and sense missing individuals or things. It’s usually the ability to sense things other people are unable to

  • Mediums

These are clairvoyants with their definite and fine-tuned senses and can interact with spirits in multiple dimensions. They sense voice, thoughts or mental signals from the spirits. They can interact in higher frequencies with the spirits

  • Empath

An empath has to do with the ability to feel other people’s emotion and own them. If the person around you is sad, you might start feeling sad as well, without any solid reason or cause. They can scan other people s energy for feelings and thoughts, in the past, current, and future.

  • Healer

Healers have a greater perspective on individuals. Human is electromagnets. When body frequencies lower, illness come around. By being able to raise the frequencies and bring the body parts into coherence, this is referred to as health.

Energy healing is a very ancient technique. It includes these spiritual and physical realms.

Tips for reading sessions:

  • Always have an open mind when attending readings
  • Listen to the answer, even if it goes against your expectations
  • Find the right reader for your issues
  • The reader will only guide you. The decisions are yours to make
  • The future is very flexible and will always change. Your thoughts could influence that
  • Always feel free to ask for clarification in case you fail to understand
  • Mediums will not make the dead answer your calls.
  • Readings are supposed to empower you and assist you in healing. Choices are still your responsibility