The reason why you should cleanse your crystals

Since crystals absorb negative energy. It is advised to cleanse them regularly.  It is a good idea, therefore, to always purify them.

Crystals are likely to absorb vibrations not only from you but also from the surrounding where they are. Have a look below on what you can do to enhance their energy.

You need to cleanse your crystals often if you want to create positive energy within them.  This is very essential to avoid negative vibrations within them from affecting their effectiveness.

They might have absorbed your negative energy if you have always been using them to treat health issues.

Are You Cleansing Your Crystals?

Know that your crystals are tools if you have been contemplating why you should cleanse them and use them regularly. These tools should be at the highest vibration if possible.

So by using them they become more advantageous to you. It’s all about learning the procedures to clean your stones. To keep them full of positive energy, cleanse them regularly.

Several individuals neglect to remove the negative energy from crystals they are using but find it easy to clean their home, clothes and even themselves.

A-List of Procedures that Cleanse your Healing Crystals

There are several ways to cleanse and energize crystals. Below is a list of safe methods. you can link up different ideas to help you increase the energy of your healing crystals.

  • Using white light
  • Smudging crystals with sage
  • Put on a bowl of raw uncooked rice
  • Sound from a crystal singing bowl
  • Place on top of a quartz cluster
  • Bury stones or crystals in the earth
  • Charge your crystals with moonlight or on a selenite slab
  • Use tingsha hand cymbals also known as Tibetan chimes
  • Program crystals so that they can self-cleanse. This is good for quartz crystals.

Another way to charge your crystals

You can charge your crystals by using the slab of selenite. They have high vibrations that work well to give crystals energy once they have been cleansed.

It is also advantageous to energize new crystals especially if you have just bought a new crystal and you are not sure where they have been and in any case, they needed added energy.