Identifying a fake clairvoyant or medium

You never know what’s coming in life. That makes some people very uneasy. Whatever your dealing will deny you sleep in the night.

Truth is, out there, there are quite a number of psychics who are not real. It’s a  very big scam and generates up to about 22 Billion dollars annually.

Below are some tips on how to identify fake psychics:

Untrue life history

Most of the time these false psychics claim that the clients were a very renowned figure in the past life.

Women, for example, are told that they were queens in the past life, like Cleopatra, Nefertiti or Marie Antoinette.

Nice words to leave you wanting for more information

They will say some things to make you yearn for more, then leave you in the dark so that they can drain more money from you, for example:

  • The problems you are having come from your past life, and we can have an advanced session so that we find a fix
  • Your reading is quite unique, you’re  a super special customer
  • Black magic has taken over your life, but I can fix it
  • Can reunite you with your former lover
  • My readings are always true
  • I feel a deceased one trying to get to you
  • Your future depicts wealth and love, I can help you achieve this
  • In my dreams, you were present
  • I have everything it takes to meet your targets
  • A very important person to you has the letter “M” as part of their initials
  • I inherited my abilities from my great grandfathers.

Identifying a fake clairvoyant or mediumFake Clairvoyants only say things that please you:

For males, only 11% of the time do they seek psychic counsel. For women its 85%. So they fake psychics will only say things you would love hearing so that you can come for more.

These scammers know that happy clients will rarely get back to them, therefore they tell you things that are likely to be true and would please you to hear.

Instilling fear

A true psychic can never utilize the fear aspect to keep you coming back. The fake ones will use fear to siphon your money. They may claim that you are on a sensitive path and can only get to the end of the tunnel through their help. It’s just a way to make you come for more session, and give them more cash.

They make you think you’re cursed.

This is very common with the fake psychics, as it works on some of the people who fall for these scams

They will always tell you that dark energy has taken over you, or maybe a curse has been placed on your family. This could cause fear and panic to make you give them more information, which they use to scam other people and against you as well.

They use this to siphon money from you, session after session.

Another silly tactic they use is these of things like eggs or candles to get rid of the dark matter from you.

Very inquisitive

The fake ones ask a lot of questions so that they can get information to use against you.

You will realize this when you get asked a lot of queries that reveal information about you, much more than you had intended to give.

Giving random unasked for advice to people they do not know

They look for vulnerable people and use it to their advantage. They claim that they have information about you, but cant declares publicly, then you set up a session with them. Watch out for this. Professional psychics sometimes get random information on a stranger, but might not face a stranger in fear of their reaction. They would be reluctant to ask for cash but will pass their insights to you.

General information and not specific ones

Talented readers get information from you depending on your dressing, presentation, body language and  present it back to in form of a revelation in a reading ie

  • “You worry too much of late”. yes, of course, everybody worries about one thing or the other.
  • “you have lost a loved one” again, almost all of us
  • “you could really use a holiday”. Who doesn’t?

If this is all your clairvoyant can offer you, run for your dear life. Find a genuine psychic

What makes you vulnerable to fake clairvoyants?

  • The fact that you are female
  • The age bracket of 21-60
  • Losing someone or something in life
  • Love issues
  • Financial problems
  • Separation
  • Being forced to stay with friend s or relatives
  • Being a refugee
  • Feeling the need to be there for others
  • Work-related problems
  • Feeling lonely
  • Feeling ugly
  • Being unable to help oneself
  • Relying on others

Don’t be surprised when you speak to a psychic on phone or on the web that they know so much about you. They are familiar with these traits. trust me, your voice, accent and background noise can sell you out.

Statistics indicate that both poor and wealthy all visit psychics for health.

Amidst all your sorrows, some great tidings:

Despite the number of scammers we have, there are legit, highly reliable psychics with good intentions. All you need to know is where to look.

Find a psychic network that is renowned for their great work. You will save time and money and still get help.

A psychics help can be very crucial in meeting your goals and happiness. Just ensure you deal with a genuine one and during first sessions watch out for the kind of behavior from them. If you identify any. Just walk away.