Finding Love Through Numerology

Numerology has been around since ancient times and have been used through the centuries to give us insight into our paths in life and how those paths may or may not intersect with others. Numerology can be used to assist you if you feel you’re in a relationship slump, are in the midst of finding new love, or want to consider how your life path numbers connect with your significant other’s. When it comes to life path numbers, let’s take a look at nine of them along with their highest and lowest compatible life numbers with it comes to compatibility with your significant other. Hopefully in using this method of numerology, you’ll be able to gain more insight into your love life.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

Before you can evaluate the life path numbers of you and your partner or current love prospect, you’ll need to find out what your personal life path number is. Here’s how to do that:

First, write down your birthdate in (MM/DD/YYYY) form. For example: 04/01/1980

Next, combine separately the month, day, and year by adding them together and reducing them to a single digit. For example: Month: 0+4= 4, Day: 0+1=1, Year: 1+9+8+0= 18; 1+8=9

Third, add up the resulting single digit numbers and then reduce that to a single digit if necessary. This will result in revealing your life number. For example: 4+1+9=14; 1+4=5

Now that you’ve established what your life path number is, let’s take a look at the meaning and compatibility of those numbers.

Life Path Number 1

If your life path number is 1, you are an adventurous, strong-willed, and independent woman who knows what they want. But you could also be demanding, stubborn, and lose interest quickly. In looking for a good love match, look for life path numbers 2 and 6, as these numbers would be patient with your often times wavering sense of direction. Someone with a life path number of 8 may not be the best match since they tend to be stubborn as well.

Life Path Number 2

If your life path number is 2, you are humorous, thoughtful, and charming. You tend to be kind-hearted and easy-going but don’t like to feel under-appreciated. However, life path number 2’s can also be anxious, easily deceived, and oversensitive. For those who have the life path number 2, fellow number 2’s as well as number 6’s are good matches for you as you will be empathetic and open to each other’s emotions and needs. Life path 3’s and 5’s would not be a good match, as they tend to be too shallow and not sensitive enough for a number 2.

Life Path Number 3

If your life path number is 3, you’re friendly, optimistic, and creative. You’re also known to be social and on the go. Being with a number 3 requires quite a lot of energy. On the negative side, a number 3 can be a bit superficial and irresponsible. As far as matches are concerned, Life paths 1 and 5 are a good match, as they are up for holding your interests. A life path 7 would not be a good match, as you’ll tend to get bored and most likely have a messy break-up.

Life Path Number 4

NumerologyThose with a life path number of 4 are very dependable and are the go-to people when it comes to completing a task well and in a timely manner. However, their attention to detail may make them uncooperative and hyper-critical sometimes. In terms of a potential partner match, numbers 2 and 8 tend to work well with a 4 and also share in their hard work ethic. On the other hand, a life path number 5 is not very compatible, and they tend to be too unreliable and frivolous in the eyes of a 4.

Life Path Number 5

A life path number 5 are the most outgoing, expressive, and fun-loving of all of the numbers. But they can also be over-dramatic and a bit on the flighty side. A good match for a number 5 would be a 1 or 7, as they would work well with a number 5’s restless spirit and creativity. However, a number 8 would not be a good match, and they would be too controlling for the like of the free-spirited number 5.

Life Path Number 6

If you’re a life path number 6, you tend to be a very motherly type of person, meaning your caring, understanding, and nurturing. But a 6 can also spend too much time trying to please others because of this and can sometimes come across as being self-righteous. In looking for a good partner, number 2 and 6 would be compatible matches, as they will typically bring mutual respect and aid to the relationship. A life path number 7 would not be a good match, as they can become too detached for a number 6.

Life Path Number 7

A life path number 7 is typically quick-witted, independent, and has a quirky personality. But that can mean they can also be quite impatient, indifferent, and perhaps even listless at times. A successful match for a 7 would be a fellow 7 or a 5. However, a 7 should avoid a life path number 8, as they could turn out being too possessive and restrictive for the free-spirited number 7.

Life Path Number 8

Of all of the life path numbers, an 8 is the most hard-working. If you’re an 8, you might find that you have an unwavering sense of dedication and a grand vision for life. However, this can mean that an 8 can also be a bit stubborn, narrow-minded, and a workaholic. Life path numbers 2 and 4 would be a good match for an 8, while a 1 would result in too much clashing of strong personalities, hence, not a good match for the equally stubborn 8.

Life Path Number 9

Those with a life path number of 9 tend to be giving, idealistic, sophisticated, and have humanitarian tendencies. However, because of a 9’s strong opinions, they can sometimes be self-centered and demanding. A 6 is the best match for a 9, as they will understand their needs and plight in everyday life. 9’s should avoid the life path numbers of 2,4, and 5 when looking for a good life partner match.