Identifying A Real Psychic as Easy as 123

I’ve been told several times that I am real.  I’m thankful for that, because I’m not sure how else to be! I am not doing it for the money alone but knows that the gift needs to be shared right. I do, however, understand what my clients are saying. 

Here are a few helpful hints to see if your psychic is “real.”

  1. When you are connecting with a loved one, a psychic medium will not need to know lots of information before they connect.  They will need to confirm details after they connected with a loved one.  If your psychic asked you tell the name, sex, age, what they looked like before they connected, they can say they connected.  Many “real” psychics will tell you who they see or feel on the other side.  They may tell you a name, what they look like, sex and their personality.  If you feel a connection, your psychic may ask you more questions for clarity.  The truth is the less we know the details, the easier it is to connect and tell you the details, this confirms that we did indeed connected with your loved one. I have connected with spirits who just crossed over and have not left earth yet. This is rare but can happen.  I’ve had a spirit communicate VERY clearly before he crossed over while I’m reading his wife.  Again, rare but can happen. 
  2. A real psychic cannot make someone one the other side appear.  If a psychic promises to connect with a particular person, run away!  There are so many red flags!  The truth is we do not have the ability to make someone appear.  We understand that you have a longing to connect with someone particular and they may be ready to connect, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  If a loved one just crossed over a month ago, they are like brand new babies on the other side-not in age, but in energy.  It may take several months or years before the loved ones energy is at a place they can connect back to us. I could write a book about this subject alone.
  3. General information is easy to come by.  Your loved ones will give the psychic medium information only you understand.  We are merely a telephone between the sitter and the loved one.  If your psychic is giving you very general information and you know your grandmother (whom is communicating with the psychic medium) is very detailed when she was on earth, then there is a problem.
  4. Finally, trust your gut!  If you feel there is not a good connection with you and the psychic, it may be that it is not a good fit.  Your guides may be guiding you away from a psychic, or move you towards someone else.

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