How To Find The Right Psychic For You

It sometimes seem irrelevant which psychic you pick because they are all going to do the same thing and access the “truth,” right?—but choosing your advisor is just as important as picking the right therapist. You need to be able to trust your love and life psychic and feel comfortable with their methods and personality in order for your sessions to be effective. So, how do you pick the right person for you?

Methods of Working

This is the first element to consider. Psychics have many ways of accessing information to guide you. You may find some more comfortable, interesting, or fun than others. Here’s a short list:

• Divination tools: Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Palmistry, Crystals

• Modalities: Past Life reading, Energy work

• Working with other beings: Spirit guides, Channelling, Mediumship, Angels

Use these methods of working as a guide. For example, if you aren’t interested in angels, it doesn’t make sense to choose an angel practitioner, even if you like them as a person. Their framework will be focused on the language and imagery of angels and how you can incorporate angels into your life. Not too useful if you find this repellent! Likewise, if you don’t believe in past lives, don’t pick a psychic who specializes in clearing past life blocks and karma. Your belief in the process is important. Most psychics employ a variety of techniques, so find one that resonates with you.

These days, most psychics work via internet chat or email and phone calls. But make sure you choose an advisor who offers the type of reading you need and that you have the right technology to access the session, recordings, downloads, etc.

Approach and Expertise

The next most important thing to think about when selecting a psychic is their overall approach. Some psychics believe your future is already set and that they can read that information for you. Others are more on the free will side of the coin and focus on guiding you and helping you clear blocks to your happiness and growth. Neither is right or wrong—you just have to decide what your beliefs are and what is most helpful to you. If you take the time to read the advisor’s profile, it will be apparent how they approach their work.

Although many psychics will read for any issue, it’s also common to specialize. I tend to focus on women and relationships, but I have colleagues who are gifted pet communicators, mediums, or career guides. If you have a specific question, then it might be best to choose a psychic who specializes in that area. If your questions are more general, you don’t need to worry about this. Again, most advisors will be clear about what they do and who their target audience is.

Product, Personality, and Price

Are you looking for a one-off session or a package of sessions to help you reach a particular goal? Do you want to just jump in when you feel like it, with the freedom to talk for as long or as little as you like? Being clear on what your psychic offers is key to getting your needs met. On Keen, you are able to jump in and access readers whenever they are available to chat. Other psychics work by appointment only and may not offer one-off sessions. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong.

Psychics are like any other business person—they market themselves in a specific way. Some love the stereotypical image: new age clothes and a mysterious air. Others present a sleek, business-oriented professionalism. Still others focus on qualities of compassion, power, or love. Their marketing materials, dress, and manner will all be in aid of the type of image and service they want to offer. Don’t underestimate how important personality is in building the trust you need. And, though this is completely out of the psychic’s control, if you are mainly going to be working with them on the phone, and their voice drives you nuts, that is going to be challenging.

Developing a relationship with a psychic can be a fantastic addition to your support community. I have clients I’ve seen for years, through ups and downs, and we have warm friendships that still retain professional boundaries. You can access aspects of yourself, your relationships, and your life purpose by teaming up with a skilled intuitive. Clients often say that our sessions seem magical—and they are! Receiving readings is fun, helpful, and a wonderful way to help yourself forward on your journey.