How should you handle being scammed by a psychic?

Before you start to panic, please know that that there are many, many real psychics out there who only want to help their fellow man. It’s actually fairly easy to spot someone who is trying to pull a fast one by pretending  to be a psychic. Someone purporting to be a Gypsy fortune teller is someone who is looking for the con.

Here is how the gypsy fortune teller con starts:  You are lured in by a cheap reading of $10 or less. You figure, why not take the chance, it’s cheap.  The fortune teller will start to reveal a story that seems true and suddenly you are paying them $50.

This type of con begins when you walk in the door. The fortune teller can spot if you are vulnerable and seeking solace. They will bombard you with generic comments about your aura. They may tell you have dark energy surrounding you.  They will then imply that they can remove this energy and repair the cracks in your aura.  As the con plays out, they will tell you they have candles or crystals and varies talisman and charms that can help you with whatever you desire. This can cost up to and including $500.

If you pay this, they will keep  drawing you in with stories of larger curses and omens of bad juju, so now, you need more crystals and more charms.  If you follow them this far, they may try to take you past this level, up to the 10,000. This means a “guarantee” of success in both business and romance. They may even throw in the promise of a lifetime of good health.

If you have the mis-fortune to have met a con artist such as this, report them to the police.

Know that authentic psychics will not talk to you about curses or spells or dark energy.  They will not keep upping the ante and moving the goalposts. They will not make unrealistic promises

False psychics are repeat offends because people are ashamed to admit they have been taken advantage of. The only way to stop them is to report them.

You can start by telling them that you know they are a fraud and that you want your money back. Next, report them to the Better Business Bureau. Then go to Yelp and Google and Social media to report the fraud. Then contact the police, the District Attorney and the Attorney General.

You best weapon is you voice. Use it to keep others from being taken advantage of.